How To Increase Coriander Leaves Shelf Life?

how to increase coriander leaves shelf life

The first time I started cooking was right after marriage. Both the husband and I didn’t know cooking and one of us need to cook if we don’t want to go hungry. My initial weeks cooking were horrible that Hubby hates some of these ingredients even know. My intiail days of cooking skills created bad memory I guess :). Coriander is used in majority of the Indian cooking and it’s also something that goes waste after a few days. In the initial days, I threw away at least half of it because I was not able to use the whole coriander bunch within its life time.

Over the last few months, I have been buying Organic coriander for cooking. Nothing worse than wasting half bunch of $2 Organic coriander leaves. So below are the ideas I have tried that help me avoid waste.

How to increase Coriander shelf life:


Recently, I came across this idea. Cut the coriander bunches, wash the leaves, dry them on a white cloth for few hours, and keep them in ziploc bag. Below are simple step I follow previously that was effective.


Cut the coriander finely and freeze. When the recipe calls for Coriander, use few pieces from the frozen bunch and you’re good to go. You won’t find any change in taste. You can easily keep it at least for a month without it going waste.

It’s my favorite idea and is something I’ve been using lately. After trying it here, even my mom started trying this idea back in India.