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Are You Reaching Out To Companies When You Have Bad Experience?

if-you-bought-a-product-and-not-happy-what-to-do-nextHave you ever bought a product and realized it’s just not working as promised or defective? I think it happens to almost all of us, right? Have you ever reached out to those companies and let them know your experience? If not, I’d suggest you do so.

When I have bad or even good experience with a product, I reach out to the brand and let them know my experience. I still remember the first time I reached out to a brand for a bad experience with their product.

Around 9 years ago when I was working in India, I uses to enjoy Haldiram’s snacks during work breaks . They were my favorite until I found a staple in their moong dal snack. I checked the back of the pack for contact and wrote an email to them explaining my issue. To my surprise, I heard nothing back from them. That was the last time I bought Haldiram’s snacks.

On the other hand, some companies really want to improve their products. I have reached out to a number of companies over the years. Some returned the money back and free coupons to buy their products. Recently, we bought a toothbrush for Chuttu. I paid $5 for that toothbrush and to my surprise its gone within a week.

I reached out to the company and they apologized and asked me if I can send the defective toothbrush for their R&D. I appreciate these responses and have no issues helping them as mistakes happen and how to address is what matters.

They sent me a return envelope and I mailed them the toothbrush and hopefully they will fix the issue soon.

Why you should reach out to companies:

  • Mistakes happen. If the company is apologetic and willing to learn from the mistake, I think we should help them
  • Why lose your money for a mistake of others? Let them know you’re not happy and get your money back
  • All the companies who responded for my experiences, either returned the money back or sent me a free product coupon
  • If I LOVE a product, I definitely let the company know how much I love it. Both set of people are happy and let’s just share the joy around  🙂

How Social Pressure Impacting Our Lifestyle

Have you ever felt that you’re making a decision or buying something for social pressure? It can be buying a certain type of car to making a trip because someone else went to that place.

In our defense, it’s hard to avoid social pressure. It knocks out the person knowingly or unknowingly.
I grew up watching people’s lives crumble because of decisions they made due to social pressure or showoff. It made a huge impact in my life and I try my best not to get into the swirl.

Let’s say you see a product in someone’s house and you really want it. If you think it will add value in your life and you can afford without any compromise, go for it.

If it doesn’t satisfy any of the above, then it’s time to reevaluate the WANT.

So I came across a pressure cooker at a friend’s house. I’m multiple instances, I’ve asked her about its use and cooking. Quickly I realized I’ll find it very useful considering that I cook both breakfast and lunch every morning. Also my existing pressure cooker was about to die and this one would be a good replacement.

I’ve been using it every day (sometimes multiple times a day) ever since I bought it. In this case, my friend indirectly influenced me. But I know it will add value in my life and I can afford it without rocking the boat. So, I went with it.

Need vs Want:

Think multiple times before making a purchase. Be it buying a pan for the kitchen or buying clothes. I follow this religiously primarily to avoid clutter in life. But it also helps reduce the expenses.

Remember the end financial goal:

What do we want in life? It can be early retirement, comfortable old age, kids education etc. Will you compromise any of these goals for a BUY? Just make sure to remind yourself about the end goal and plan your spending accordingly.

Have a budget:
Have a budget for each of your spending categories. It helps track the expenses and will show you the income vs spending. Tweak your budget according to your income and needs.

If you’re new to budgeting, here is my 3 parts series on setting up budget, tools and things to remember:

Part 1 – Budgeting basics and how to stick to a budget
Part 2 – Budgeting tools and reviews
Part 3 –  Budgeting: Things to remember

There is one area where social pressure is good: Being healthy 🙂 Let’s not shy away and go along with social pressure when it comes to being healthy. Yikes!