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2018 First Quarter Goals

2018 First Quarter Goals2017 was a good year overall. My 2017 “word-of-the-year” was, Living the Moment. My intent was to focus on current moments, whether it be at work or home, rather than having a wandering mind.

Word of the year was a new concent I came across in 2016 and I liked it instantly. Although I didn’t think about the word every single day in 2017, it quite often reminded me to live the moment. For example, when I wanted to check my work email while I was playing with my kid, it reminded me to focus on playing with my kid. I’m happy with the end result and I’m continuing this concept in 2018 as well. My 2018 word of the year is OPEN. It probably doesn’t make sense if you read just the word. My intent is, I want to be open to new ideas, opportunities, lifestyle, people, etc. It also means, accepting people as they are.

Also this year, I’m making some changes to the goal planning. Instead of setting up yearly goals, I’m going to set quarterly goals and aim to achieve them. Below are my Q1 goals (from January to March)

Health goals:

  • Run/walk 80 miles – for some of you, this might look like a small goal. However, I have not worked out in the last few months. I hope this goal will inspire me to get moving.
  • Eat at home all weekdays – we have been doing this most of the time (except the Holidays) and I want to continue to do this.
  • Sleep before 9.30 PM
  • Annual health checkup for the family

Family Goals:

  • Plan 1 stay-out family trip
  • Learning and Activities with Jeev at least 3 weekdays a week
  • Take kids to places every single weekend

Marriage Goals:

  • 1 lunch date a month with Hubby
  • A letter to the Husband – planning to write a handwritten note to Hubby

Finance Goals:

  • Increase the current savings rate by 2%
  • Save $300 through extra income projects
  • Learn about at least 1 new investment and invest in that

Most of these goals are quite simple and easy to achieve. In my opinion, we don’t have to set challenging goals in every single category. The goals need to be SMART goals and motivate us to work towards achieving them. Have you tried goal planning before? Did it work for you?


How To Plan Your Monthly Activities? + Printable

 etHow to plan your monthly activitiesI used to share my monthly goals on the blog. I stopped sharing here because I’m not sure how useful it is to see My goals (do let me know if you find it useful. I don’t mind sharing with you guys). I still plan my upcoming month and important events in that month.

Planning doesn’t have to be related to money, time management etc. It can be as simple as cleaning the bathroom sink. But here, we are going to focus on major categories to plan your month. Writing in a paper on putting it somewhere visible shows us the list of things we need to do that specific period. The word “goals” might sound too technical. The point is to plan your month ahead of time to avoid any surprises in the middle of the month. Who want to be in a situation when you don’t have any good pajamas at home for your kid’s pajama day at school the next day?

The reason I started planning my month was, on multiple occasions, I was either missing an event or was exhausted after planning something at the last minute. Maybe I am one of those people who have less energy overall. But I perform and thrive well when planned. You don’t need to spend 2 hours planning your month. Sometimes 10 minutes is enough to plan your month. Download the printable below and start filling your dates/events in each category. Make sure you fill it up and stick it in your fridge.

List Of Categories To Plan your Month:

All of us wear different hats in our lives. Mom, dad, wife, daughter, son etc. Whether its an event that we attend or our kids attend, it should be on OUR schedule. Because we are the ones who need to plan and prepare for the event. Below are list of categories that can be planned for your upcoming month:

Kids School Activities:

It’s one of the active categories each month. Every month, something or the other is going on for kids either in their school or daycare. For us, Jeev will start his preschool this month. It’s a big event for us and I’m preparing what to do on the first day, how to plan his transition (he will be moving from one class to another in the daycare itself. I would like his transition to be as smooth as possible). I will be doing a photo shoot and we will be making muffins to celebrate the new class as well. It’s just that I want to create an excitement around the change for my little boy.

Religious Festivals:

There is no major religious festival/event this month in the religion I follow. However, by knowing ahead of time, I will be able to prepare my day/week/month to celebrate the festival without running around like a mad woman. In my religion, festivals involve lots of cooking. Someone who doesn’t like to spend too much time in the kitchen, it’s essential for me to plan ahead, freezer cook, or meal plan for that special day.

The only significant event related to religion for this month is, Anna prasannam for Meera. Meera turned 5 months and our doctor recommended starting solid between her 5-6 months. We have decided an auspicious day to start her first meal (more of a first taste of a puree). I bought a material for her dress, my mom stitched it, I’m looking for some ideas to take pictures of her day, where to start the feeding, what to take to the temple etc. I enjoy planning all these and celebrate important events in our life.

Special Occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries:

We don’t have any birthdays in June, but we do have Father’s Day to celebrate. Buying gift needs major planning in here. My husband enjoys experience gift than material gift. I enjoy utilitarian gift. We also don’t believe in showing our kids with too many toys. So, we do need to plan ahead for that special occasion every time.

Events to Attend:

You might have invitations to attend birthday parties, friends meetup, kids playdate etc. Plan ahead and be prepared for the event ahead of time.

Did you buy a gift for your friend’s kid birthday celebration? Start looking for a deal right away instead of waiting until the last minute and pay double for the same gift you would have bought for a much lesser price if you have planned earlier.

You might need to check your closet for those unopened, quality gifts for regifting. Here is more on regifting.

Budget Meeting:

Can’t stress enough of the importance of budget and spending discussion with your spouse/family. Set aside a time and discuss the spending of the previous month, what you did right and wrong, how you want to take this month ahead etc. Just make sure you do this meeting sometime in the first week of every month.


Are you traveling, planning a vacation, someone visiting you home, or there is a long weekend around the corner? Plan ahead on how you want to spend your holiday/vacation. Book that flight ticket as early as possible. I’m super guilty of this one. Husband’s work has been super volatile lately that we are having a hard time planning ahead for vacation. But we are trying to make it work. On an ideal situation, I want to plan our vacation, book tickets etc as early as possible.

Date Night/Day/Shopping:

When was the last time you went on a date with your special one? Our last real date was just days before my daughter was born. We put our son to sleep, asked my parents to watch him, and went for a movie. It was a great movie and we had such a good time together. However, we still try to sneak in once a week. It might be just to get a take-out from a nearby restaurant to the grocery store when the kids are asleep (and mom watching them). But that 10 minutes time together is so valuable and I always feel refreshed when we are back. I can’t stress enough the importance of spending alone time with your spouse. If you’re not doing it now, please try {and don’t talk about your work when you’re alone. Joke around and have fun even if you’re in the grocery store household aisle getting toilet paper 😉 }


Do you want to read a certain book that you’ve been trying to read, want to learn something, want to make some progress on the big project? Note it down. The power of setting up a goal and having it in your notepad is so powerful that you’ll at least make one step ahead than the month before.

Big Spending:

My husband and I don’t discuss or ask for approval for small purchases. Both of us are not spenders and we discuss our spending at the end of every month in our budget meeting. However, if we are looking to buy something big, whether it’s for the house, family, or for the individual, we discuss it. We put an alert in places such as Slickdeals and continue to look for deals. If it’s something urgent that will save time/ money, waiting for a good deal might not makes sense. In that case, we will just go ahead and buy. For something that can wait, we will continue to look for deals and wait till we get one. However, it will be in our monthly planner so that we are continuing to look for a better deal before we buy one.

It’s important to note down big purchases because, it’s visible to all the family members, you’re waiting to buy it and continue to talk to your family about this. Sometimes after discussions, you might realize you no longer need that product. We have decided not to buy many items after much thoughts/discussions with each other. Hence, it’s important to note it down.

Here is the planner printable for your monthly events. Print it out at the starting of every month, write down your list, and stick it in the freezer for tracking and visibility.

Ideas For Relaxed Weekends With No Chores

effects of overscheduling weekendsAre you like me who feels like the weekends fly by in a jiffy? Weekdays are so busy that most of us look forward to Friday evenings. However, weekends get much busier than the weekdays if we lot more things filling up the plate.

Unsurprisingly, many weekends are filled with household chores and activities. It can be trips to grocery store to laundry to house cleaning. If not chores, we pack our weekends with taking kids outside. Spending quality of time with kids is sooo important. But it’s equally important to relax and rejuvenate before the next week starts. Even if it’s 30 minutes, spending time for ourselves is essential. But what about the pending tasks that need to be done during the weekend?

Below are some of the ideas I have tried that made a difference in our lives:

Catch Up Chores On Weekdays:

This is something I have been following religiously for years. Complete the chores during weekdays rather than waiting till the weekend. House chores like grocery shopping, house cleaning, mopping and everything else can be done during the weekdays. Plan 30 minutes a day to complete these tasks.

I have a cleaning schedule I follow to complete our household cleaning. Do I follow them every single day? probably not. But most of the days I stick to my cleaning schedule.

By the time weekend hits, I’m ready to relax. I’d rather sit idle for 2 hours on the couch rather than cleaning the bathroom. I want the weekend to be with minimal chores. Again, if I miss any chores during the weekdays, I do complete them during the weekend. But I don’t want it to be a routine.


Time and time again I realized I’m not good at multitasking if I want to complete a work effectively. Focusing on just a single task helps me complete it faster than trying to juggle 2 different tasks. I also came across multiple articles that confirmed the same. If you try to multitask, I’d suggest you try to focus on one task at a time and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference.

No Social Media Saturdays:

This is something I have been trying in the last few weeks. Not surprisingly, I love this routine. A few people I know follow this routine on Sundays. Unfortunately, I start checking work emails on Sunday evenings, do some blogging on Sundays etc. So I moved my no-social-media day to Saturday.

Social media has a lot more effect on our behaviors than we realize. That’s why it’s important to connect with the right people even in social media. Only the good things are shared in social media and what you see in there may not be a complete picture. Staying away from social media at least one day a week helps us bounce back to reality. It definitely made me calm, relax, and cherish the current moments.

I don’t know if I am able to explain all of its benefits in words here. But I know I feel good and I would highly suggest you try this approach.

TV Time:

Relaxing doesn’t need to involve TV.  I used to be a person who would switch on TV if I wanted to relax. Back in the days, we used to spend way too many hours in front of TV. Now, Friday evenings are our TV time. Saturday evenings, we either hit the bed early or Husband and I talk instead of switching on TV.

What’s the problem with watching TV?

Nothing except we will be glued to TV rather than conversing with the people next to us.

We made one simple change in our TV setup that made a huge difference in controlling the urge to switch on TV. We moved TV to the end of the living room and it’s not longer a centerpiece of the living room. Now it doesn’t even occur to us to watch TV unless we got to know a specific program and want to watch it.

Once we do follow all the above ideas to clear out the schedule and mind, below are the things we can do to further enjoy the weekend:

Plan Your Weekends:

This may sound like a no-brainer. But planning the weekend ahead of time helps us predict what comes next. My husband and I talk about our weekend plan every Friday evening. It’s a 10 minutes discussion on what we can do during the weekend, where we can go, whether we need to book the tickets, the weather, kids sleeping schedule etc. With 2 kids, we cannot function without planning our schedule. It also keeps us sane especially if the weekend schedule involves any trips.

Family Rituals:

I think it’s important to mention family rituals here. I love family rituals whether it’s pancake breakfast every Sunday morning or watching movies every Friday evenings. It eventually becomes a family tradition that creates some fond memories among us. Our kids will remember these rituals forever and they might end up recreating these when they have their own family.

We already follow some family rituals and we are looking to create more rituals that can be incorporated without too much work/planning.

It’s easy to follow rituals during the weekends because we have more time and our body is more relaxed to try new things. But if you have jam-packed schedule even during the weekend, these things might not be possible.

I’m always on the look for ideas. Please share yours if you follow any rituals in your family.

Meet With Friends:

Even in a hectic schedule, spending time with good company can make a huge difference. Who doesn’t love some good conversations? At the same time, avoid spending time with negative people. They can let you down.

The reason I specifically mentioned “Friends” because they’re your friends for a reason. We choose our friends and it’s obvious that we enjoy their company.

I love game nights with friends. Those are so fun that I still remember some of the fun nights we had with friends. With young baby and toddler, our game nights are non-existant right now. But we are looking forward to resuming it as soon as the baby sleeps longer hours at night.

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Tracking

I gained 24 pounds in my first pregnancy and a whopping 30 pounds during this pregnancy.

When I checked my weight within a few weeks after delivery, my scale showed 18 pounds less. That happiness short-lived. Then, our newborn got fever and we had to admit her to the hospital. I was so upset that the doctor asked me to leave the room when they did her tests. We stayed at the hospital for the next 2 days and this unhappy mom did lots of binge eating that added 3 more pounds on my weight. Ironically, the hospital didn’t provide any healthy meal nor do they have any healthy options in the nutrition room (pantry). So, even the hospital didn’t help either. That said, now I need to lose 15 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight.


Throughout the week I eat clean and once a week I splurge on my meal. It’s mostly pizza or our favorite Chinese takeout.

I also don’t track my calorie intake. I eat whatever I like as long as its healthy.


I just started working out last week. Definitely not able to run like before. So starting out slow and walking 20 minutes every day. Then 10 minutes of Yoga. My work out routine will change/improve eventually.

Tracking the Progress:

I will be tracking my progress, meals, snacks, and workout in my Instagram page. It’s more apt for Instagram than Facebook page. If you’re in Instagram, ping me to get to know you.

If you have some extra pounds to lose, I’d love if you can join me in the process. It will be fun if we do it together. Just let me know.

Centsible Indian – 2016 Year in Review

As we wrap 2016 in few days, our family wish you a wonderful New Year 2017!

When comparing 2015, 2016 was such a whirlwind ride: I got pregnant, hard first trimester, some hectic work schedule, cross country move etc. I’m sure I missed some other things in the mix. I feel confused whether the year went by fast or slow. In some cases, super fast and in some cases, reaaallly slow 🙂

Recent Fun Family Moments:

Here are some fun moments I recently captured and shared in Instagram:

Blogging 2016 Recap:

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Enjoy this Holidays season with friends and family. We are going to take things slow with our newborn and cherish the moments I spend with my kiddos. I hope to see you in the next year as we continue on our journey together.