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Are You Doing These 2 Things For Better Morning?

Wake up to a better morningWhether you are working or at-home and whether your morning is crazy or not, these 2 things will create a better morning and go through the day without major hiccups. Do them before you hit the bed every night.

Clean Your Kitchen Every Night:

As much as it sounds silly, waking up to a clean kitchen is a wonderful feeling :). If you cook every morning like me, it saves you time and your cooking will be done in less time. Even if you don’t cook in the morning, less clutter in the kitchen saves you time.

Now let me tell you something: cleaning the kitchen and keeping it tidy is the last things I want to do every night. At the end of the day after my son goes to sleep, I just want to relax and enjoy my quite time. On the contrary, I also know the next day will be crazy if I wake up to messy kitchen and cook in the morning.

Things to remember:

  • If you want, switch on your favorite channel or listen to music when you do the cleaning.
  • Set timer before cleaning and aim to complete within that time. The maximum time I set is 30 minutes. Some days I cleaned the kitchen in 15 minutes. Depends on how much cleaning it needs. Again, don’t try to do any other work when you’re in the middle of the cleaning
  • I only wipe/clean the floor if it’s dirty. If the floor is not messy, I don’t clean it that day
  • Only do the basic cleaning every night. Don’t try to deep clean as it will burn you out and you might not continue the next day

wake up to a better morning - plan your day

Plan Your Next Day The Previous Night:

Let me repeat again this is applicable whether you’re at-home or working: List down the activities or things you need to do the next day. It can be from paying bills to writing an exam. I hand write the list of things I want to complete the next day. It contains both personal as well as work related.

For example, I’m planning to clean the master bathroom tomorrow. It goes into my list and as soon as I’m done, I’ll open my notebook and happily strike that item. ahh.. I love that feeling. 🙂

Things to remember:

  • I write the list when I’m ready to hit the bed. I have a separate list for personal and work.
  • I try to have the list as small as possible. My goal is to have 5 or less items in the list. That way I know for sure I’ll be able to complete it

For example, below is my tomorrow’s list:

  • Clean master bathroom
  • Post the rebate mail in the post box
  • Take Chuttu to the park

Isn’t it simple? Again, you might not even need a list for these basic things. My brain functions better when I have a list and I feel happy as if I accomplished something when I strike an item from the list. Silly me, maybe? 🙂

Guest Post: Do-It-Yourself Ladies Only Baby Shower

My friend Anjani hosted a baby shower for a good friend recently and I was blown away by her do-it-yourself (DIY) decorations in the party. She graciously offered to write her experience in the blog today. Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

diy art

WHO doesn’t like DIY?

Our like for DIY starts right from childhood. Toddlers love applying their new found motor skills and imagination to create their own versions of real-life artifacts, pretend play etc. It is only when we grow up that we forget all about DIY goodness with everyday busyness.

I’ve recently discovered the joy of it again. Planning my kiddo’s first birthday was just a restart point. I had mostly store bought party stuff but the banner with her name and the writing around her cake was all me. Then came Valentine’s Day. I hand-made cards (above pictures) for my kiddo’s friends at school. Not too bad eh? 🙂 These were not heavy weights but they helped remind me how much I loved, and missed, DIY.


DIY Baby Shower For a Friend:

A few weeks back, when I had the pleasure of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend, N, I jumped on the moment and put my DIY skills to test. Pinterest boards, surfing the internet and a general theme of the party provided me with inspiration. I found this fabulous class-chic blog that helped give most of the ideas for the party. After that it was customizing some stuff for my friend’s liking and house layout. I had an awesome partner, M, who co-hosted the shower with me. She just let me do my thing! We shopped at Michaels and Walmart for the majority of the material.

The general idea of the party was to make it as girly as we possibly could without a cringe worthy overload of pink/purple/bling. I wanted a classy feel on all the décor. It’s amazing how easily you can achieve a classy finish as opposed to a glossy one just by going for a pastel color pallet instead of a solid one. After that it was time to choose what the center piece(s) of the party would be. We decided to make the cake table, one attention grabbing wall décor and the food arrangement as our party’s main focal points.


For the cake table, we made use of a circular home breakfast table that was foldable into a rectangle. I bought nylon pastel pink and pink fabric (2 yards each). Laying the darker pink inside and the lighter pink fabric outside added weight to the color scheme without adding to the intensity of the pink. We laced the edge of the table with a home-made pom-pom style trim (thanks M!).

I bought pale-pink cupcakes from HEB and arranged them on a tiered stand to put along with the rest of the stuff. We lay the favors there as well. My most complimented feature on the table was the strawberry skewers arrangement. For this I used a cube-shaped packaging insert (Styrofoam) and laced the bottom with a $2 trim ribbon. If you see closely you can see the push pins holding the ribbon together…couldn’t find a better alternative to the push pins in the time span 🙂


The cake by itself has a small story behind it. I sourced the toppers (including the stroller and the fondant flowers) from the sister-in-law of mommy-to-be. They came all the way from Chicago and it was s surprise that N wasn’t expecting at all! So happy to see her excitement when she learnt the source of the cake décor.

While we had wall décor throughout the room of the party I wanted to focus on one eye-catching center piece. In this case it turned out to a center roof-piece :). I looked up how to make these puffy tissue balls that look like flowers and made 5 of them. We hung them from the roof using thread and cello tape. They actually stayed in the place the entire time. One regret I have about these tissue flowers is that I should have used one or two more layers of tissue paper. That would’ve made them fluffier and hence more beautiful.


For food arrangement we choose pink and white plates (again, pastel colors), polka dot straws in a mason jar etc. Then we made hand-made food tags to place in front of the various trays to clearly show what was what. These little things help when you have a mix of meat eaters and vegetarians.

Lastly, we managed to highlight the fireplace which was the room’s natural center-piece by hanging a line of pink/white onesies – this is such a cute arrangement no matter how many time you have seen it done 🙂


I was very proud of what we accomplished that evening. Everyone loved the décor. What made the ambience even more enjoyable is making the party ladies-only! All the girls, majority of them moms, really appreciated time off from home and kids. For a couple hours it was just us girls playing silly baby shower games (have you ever tried charades with the word ‘nipple shield’!) and gossiping about movies etc. N was definitely pleasantly surprised at all the little details. All in all very good first-time DIY shower experience. I’d love to do it again!

P.S. No party is perfect without a skilled photographer to capture the key moments. Thank you Uma for your pics! 🙂

About Anjani:

Anjani writes a blog called ClanDestination. At Clandestination, she talks about movies, books and experiences that made an impact on her. After a 6 year hiatus she is trying to get back into writing frequently on her blog.

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