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An Easy Idea To Get Rid Of Shower Stains

An Easy Idea To Get Rid Of Bathroom Shower StainsDo you spend too much time cleaning the shower and still see some residues that are not going away? I came across this DIY cleaning hack around 5 years ago when I was trying to get rid of a hard stain on our bathroom shower. It’s super simple and doesn’t require any scrubbing or hard work.



  1. Soak the cotton balls in bleach and cover the unclean areas with bleach soaked cotton balls
  2. Let it sit overnight
  3. In the morning, remove the cotton balls and wash with plain water

As I mentioned above, you only spend few minutes to prepare the cotton balls and few minutes in the morning to clean the area. Just make sure everyone at home stay away from the bathroom till you clear it in the morning.

This hack never fails and works every single time.

Weekly Cleaning – Cleaning the Kitchen Drawers

As I posted in my facebook page this afternoon, I wanted to clean up the kitchen drawer today. Chuttu started opening the drawers and putting things inside and the drawers became so messy that it’s hard to find utensils when I need them.

I don’t know if I should call it a weekly cleaning considering that I try to clean a part of the house every weekday.

 I only tackled the bottom drawers as that itself took me more than 30 minutes and I had to rush to other works after cleaning them (like feeding my toddler, putting him to bed, washing utensils, and cleaning the kitchen counter). The top ones will be cleaned during the weekend or may be tomorrow.

In addition to all the dirt and stuff, I found the above things that I won’t be using them anymore. I’m going to put away/throw these things.

What I realized was, I cannot clean up everything in one day. I’d rather do it part by part during weekdays and enjoy the weekends. So, diving the chores helps me keep the house clean.

Play Area: Before and After

We converted our formal dining room as a play area for Chuttu as
1. it’s next to the living/kitchen space,
2. It’s an open area,
3. we primarily use the breakfast area for meal time.

Previously we kept all his toys in each corner around the house. We kept each of the toy in one certain location and whenever we say “blue puppy”, for example, Chuttu goes to that area and gets his “blue puppy” for us. It was mainly to make him recognize the stuff and understand the language. Later we realized toys were literally everywhere and the house looks messy no matter however much we clean.

Even now we keep toys in few corners of the house. But most of his toys are in his play area. I clean it every evening and try to keep it tidy. As soon as Chuttu sees me cleaning the area {he calls “cleaning” as “kinnee” 🙂 }, he will come and play with the toys that I try to put away.

The above is a sample picture of before/after cleaning of the play area.We’re still in the process of decorating the play area though.

Once A Week Deep Cleaning – Under The Sink

under the sink cleaning

Every time I open the door to take cleaning supplies, I keep thinking how messy the area is. I vouch myself that I’ll allocate some time tomorrow and organize it well. Well, “tomorrow” never came.

Today when I started cleaning the kitchen I realized I need to organize “under the sink” area first before even thinking of doing anything else.

To my surprise, it only took 5 minutes to clean the whole area. Can you believe it? I dreaded the job that I postponed it so long.

Anyway, I’m so happy that it looks much better now. It’s just that I need to maintain it going forward 🙂