Frugal February 2018 Week 1So excited to share how the week 1 of Frugal February went for our family. We had both Wins as well as Fails. However, I’m happy to see that we got more wins than fails. After reaching a lot of your stories, I’m much more excited and pumped to make my week 2 a success.

Here are the rules of frugal February challenge. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested. Start your frugal journey from this week.


  • When February started, I was still trying to get out of sickness and that lead to eating out on weekdays. Since we ate out once already even before the weekend started, I completely cut down weekend restaurant visits and Starbucks.
  • We took the kids to a paid event on Saturday. It was not too expensive and the kids had a blast. Since this paid event was already in the budget, it’s still considered a win.
  • Sunday, we had a gorgeous weather and decided to visit our local zoo. We have an annual membership, so the zoo visit was FREE.
  • We keep our house temperature so high that we sometimes feel warm even during the winter. This week, I decided to reduce the thermostat 2 degrees lower than usual.
  • Hubby tried to do laundry during non-peak hours this week.
  • I love grabbing a coffee outside when we travel during the weekends. But this time, I decided to carry my own coffee from home. I actually didn’t like it as much as I thought I would. But hey, it saved me a few dollars.


  • Husband had to leave one of the cars in the mechanic shop. Although I offered to pick him up, he had to take Uber due to some timing issue. Bummer!
  • Until this evening, I didn’t spend on anything extra. But tonight we had to get some Costco shopping done and family decided to grab a couple of pizza slices during the visit. Not a lot of money, but I’d prefer to eat at home during weekdays. This also means we should let go off our weekend restaurant visits.

How was your first week of #frugalfebruary? A lot of folks shared their Frugal February week 1 successes on the Extra Income Project Facebook group.

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