2018 First Quarter Goals2017 was a good year overall. My 2017 “word-of-the-year” was, Living the Moment. My intent was to focus on current moments, whether it be at work or home, rather than having a wandering mind.

Word of the year was a new concent I came across in 2016 and I liked it instantly. Although I didn’t think about the word every single day in 2017, it quite often reminded me to live the moment. For example, when I wanted to check my work email while I was playing with my kid, it reminded me to focus on playing with my kid. I’m happy with the end result and I’m continuing this concept in 2018 as well. My 2018 word of the year is OPEN. It probably doesn’t make sense if you read just the word. My intent is, I want to be open to new ideas, opportunities, lifestyle, people, etc. It also means, accepting people as they are.

Also this year, I’m making some changes to the goal planning. Instead of setting up yearly goals, I’m going to set quarterly goals and aim to achieve them. Below are my Q1 goals (from January to March)

Health goals:

  • Run/walk 80 miles – for some of you, this might look like a small goal. However, I have not worked out in the last few months. I hope this goal will inspire me to get moving.
  • Eat at home all weekdays – we have been doing this most of the time (except the Holidays) and I want to continue to do this.
  • Sleep before 9.30 PM
  • Annual health checkup for the family

Family Goals:

  • Plan 1 stay-out family trip
  • Learning and Activities with Jeev at least 3 weekdays a week
  • Take kids to places every single weekend

Marriage Goals:

  • 1 lunch date a month with Hubby
  • A letter to the Husband – planning to write a handwritten note to Hubby

Finance Goals:

  • Increase the current savings rate by 2%
  • Save $300 through extra income projects
  • Learn about at least 1 new investment and invest in that

Most of these goals are quite simple and easy to achieve. In my opinion, we don’t have to set challenging goals in every single category. The goals need to be SMART goals and motivate us to work towards achieving them. Have you tried goal planning before? Did it work for you?


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  1. Hi , I really love ur blog.keep checking it regularly for ur updates.What inspires me a lot is ur goal setting and spending time with kids.Love u

  2. Just started with your blog I already love it . My 2018 goal is saving . I am in US too and not working so helping husband by budgeting.

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