extra income projectI had this idea in my mind for months and I finally made it official. Yes, I have created a group to share our extra income earning projects.

The intent of this group is to share ideas and attempts to earn income through extra projects. Anything that promotes spending money to earn additional income is not allowed.

You might want to pay that debt or save money for next vacation. Whatever it is, this is a place where we get to share each of our extra income ideas and outcomes AND encourage each other.

For example, I have an audacious goal of saving $1000 for our 10 years anniversary celebration next year (10 months to go). All of this $1000 should come from extra projects I do outside of my day job. I’ll be sharing exactly the projects I am doing and how much I am earning through these projects.

So far I have $65 in the envelope by selling used items and I’m hoping to try other ideas to earn the rest of the money. I hope we share each other ideas, thereby all of us earn extra income.

The goal of this new group is to encourage each other and follow the journey of us as well as others. I’d love to see you there.

Link to the group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/incomeprojects/