7 Ways To Avoid Impulse PurchasesHave you ever bought something on an impulse and dreaded the purchase after some time? I have done it and now I try my best not to do impulse purchase ever. Below are the ideas I follow religiously to avoid impulse purchases and I can tell you they do create a positive impact on your shopping habits.

1. Unsubscribe all your favorite store newsletters? Hello Nordstorm!

I have a dedicated email account where I received piles of store newsletters. Although I almost never buy things just by looking at the newsletter, they tend to influence me on what I wanted. I unsubscribed all the store newsletters and only when I need something, I go their website and resubscribe. The cool thing is, when you resubscribe, the stores will send you the first newsletter with coupon code. Oh yeah!

As soon as my purchase is done, I’ll unsubscribe again.

2. Avoid going window shopping

Please don’t tell me i’m the only one who buys things when I go for window shopping. I can tell you from my experience, malls are not the place to just hang out.

We do go to malls, primarily to the play areas my kids enjoy. We go directly to the play area and come back. No stopping to look at things or window shopping.

3. Limit Your Social Media Access

I can’t tell you how many times I felt the need to buy that new handbag or cloth just because someone in my Facebook/Instagram feed wore it. There is nothing wrong with buying something we love or splurging on something. However, these posts would indirectly influence us to buy those things even though we don’t need them.

4. Postpone Your Purchase:

We had been looking to buy a water flosser (probably not a great example to mention here 😉 ) and when Costco had a sale on a flosser set this Thanksgiving we wanted to buy it right away. However, this pack came with a big flosser and travel flosser for $60 + tax.

Why do I need a travel flosser and why not just use a $1 flosser pack when traveling? It was tempting to buy the set as it was a good deal and we needed it.

Husband and I decided to postpone the deal and sleep on the purchase before we hit the “purchase” button. The next day we forgot about it and I came across a deal on Amazon that was better than this one. It was one flosser for a much lesser price. I understand I missed the 2 pack set, but I didn’t need it. I only need a water flosser for home and I got a good brand of water flosser for a great price.

Just by delaying the purchase, we saved $25.

5. Don’t Buy Just Because It’s A Good Deal:

Buy one, get one free and similar promotions are very tempting. No matter how good the deal is if you don’t need it, don’t purchase it. If it’s too tempting, move away from the location or close your laptop and take a break. You’ll forget the purchase in few minutes.

If it’s still tempting, ask your spouse or someone you trust about their opinion before you buy.

6. Have A Budget:

I might sound like a broken tape record. But I strongly believe in budgeting and I highly recommend it in case if you don’t have one for your family (feel free to reach out to me if you need help in putting together a budget). Keep a splurge money for your “want” purchases every month and as long as you buy within the budget, you don’t need to worry about it.

Both husband and I have splurge money ($20 each) and we love to splurge on our favorite stuff every month without checking with each other.

If you don’t have a budget, none of the others pointers are applicable. You cannot buy anything if you don’t have budget. period.

7. Create Your “Need” List:

Although I am a saver, I enjoy spending money on clothes, skincare and makeup. Over the years, my shopping habits have changed and I buy a few branded items that would last longer. I carry a running list of things I want and when I see a sale on something, I check my budget to see if I have money and if I have money, I’ll go ahead and buy it.

For example, I didn’t buy anything for me for almost 8 months and finally saw a lot of good deals on things I wanted during black friday sale. I had enough money on my budget since I didn’t buy anything for too long. I went ahead and bought things in my “want” list without feeling any guilt. Yes, the spending $$ were high, but I did have budget to spend that money.

This change in shopping habit made me appreciate the things I buy and enjoy them much better than before. Because I know I waited to buy them and I absolutely love each and every piece of cloth or accessories in my closet (not a big closet guys 😉 ).

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  1. Lovely post. Really helpful. While reading itself I’ve unsubscribed to the news letters because seeing deals is what that tempts more 😊

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