Can you believe we are already past 1/2 of the year? My little one turned 6 months old and I feel like all these happened in a blink of an eye šŸ™‚

With 2 kids and move to a new place, our expenses went up quite a bit lately. We didn’t buy a lot of baby items for Meera as we used Jeev’s stuff for her. We are also slowly getting rid of stuff as she outgrows them (hello, bouncer!). One thing I realized is, babies don’t need a lot of stuff. They only need few clothes and food. My kids play with empty boxes more than they play with expensive, educated (we think) toys that we buy them.

My husband and I have monthly financial meetings at the end of the month to go over our spending pattern and changes we need to make. I thought I can share our monthly family finance wins and fails over here for you all. IĀ hope you find them useful.


Niagara Roadtrips Instead of Flying:

It’s definitely one of the financial wins for this month. Hubby was not sure how the road trip would turn out to be with a toddler and a baby. We live 6 hours away from Niagara. When I checked, the airline tickets were quite expensive and it didn’t make sense to fly when we can drive with a little bit of planning. We spread the trip over 4 days (it would have been just a day trip if we flew) and let me tell you, it was one of the best trips we had with kids.

The whole stretch from NJ to Niagara Falls is full of trees and so gorgeous. It’s one of the reasons we never felt tired of driving. We stopped at random spots and explored the local area.

Eating Out on Vacation:

If you are following thisĀ FacebookĀ or Instagram, page, you know we traveled quite a bit in June. Subway and McDonalds are our stable restaurants especially when traveling. We love the variety of options Subway provides and we get coffee and snack from McDonald’sĀ (McDonald’s does have some healthy options in theirĀ menu).

For dinners, we carried InstantpotĀ thinking that we would cook dinner at least for Jeev. However, every night we reached hotel room only around 10 PM and eating out was the easy option. For restaurants, even before starting the trip, I boughtĀ discounted gift cards for Subway and McDonald’s from RaiseĀ (I use these discounted giftĀ card selling websites quite a lot for my purchases).Ā 

Food Budget:

We ate out only a few times in June and surprisingly we didn’t miss it at all. More than saving money, health is the primary reason we are limiting outside food. Instead, I am making whole wheat pizza and other splurge foods at home when we crave for junk food.


Light Fixture:

One of us broke the light fixer in the house and we had to buy a replacement for a whopping $80. Even though I cringe when I think about the $$ wasted, it was an accident and was no one’s fault.

Marshalls Trips:

I love Marshalls and IĀ buy a lot of items from TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I made way too many trips to Marshalls in June that my shopping $$ were quite high. If only I remember what we bought there.

I bought a toy for a friend’s kid birthday and even though I hid it from Jeev, somehow this little guy found out and opened it the next minute he saw the toy. Well, it’s the mom’s mistake to have kept it in the house (I should have left it in the car itself). I had to make another trip to Marshalls to buy another toy for the birthday kid.

Emergency Visit:

As I mentioned in my last Life Lately post, we had visits to ER a number of times in the last few months. At the end of each trip, I felt like I overreacted (glad it was nothing scary). In June, it was my turn to visit ER and it’s a huge part of our total expenses.Ā Hoping for less surpricing spends in July.

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