As mentioned in Facebook page yesterday, our grocery spending in the last couple of months has been through the roof. I spent 2 x my regular grocery budget in January.

Part of it is due to the move from TX to NJ and part of it due to our refrigerator stopped working for a week. We had to through all the items in the fridge/freezer and restock again.

That’s not all. I indulged more than necessary when grocery shopping and lot of junk foods such as chips, mocha and other items were added to the cart. I guess I was giving into my pregnancy cravings.

When I checked our January spending couple of days ago, I almost puked. We were doing pretty good in majority of the spending except Food.

Cash Envelope System:

I have heard about using cash for grocery shopping, but never tried before. I was hesitate to try it for the below reasons:

  • Paying cash at the checkout is not as quick as paying with credit/debit card
  • I’ll losing credit card rewards points
  • Whoever carries the cash needs to do all the grocery shopping. You cannot ask your spouse to stop by at the grocery store and get Milk on the way from work

But this time, only in February, I decided to try cash envelope system just for grocery shopping. I will never move to 100% cash and lose the reward points I get from credit cards. But I believe cash envelope is worth the try if it’s going to save me money and get me back on track.

February Grocery Budget:

As you know from how to plan your money grocery budget series, our regular grocery budget is $400 for a family of 2 adults and 1 toddler. Now that my parents are here, I’m setting $500 as the grocery budget and $50 additional floating budget in case if $500 is genuinely not enough for us. Again, that $50 can be used only during the last week of February.

Tracking The Grocery Spending:

At the end of every week, I will be sharing my experience as well as how I’m stretching the dollars with pictures. The caveat I see in cash envelope system is, I need to do all grocery shopping as I know Hubby won’t do shopping if I ask him to use cash.

Also, it’s going to take more time at the checkout counter and I should be prepared on that as well considering I take my toddler to the shopping almost every time in the last couple of months.

Looking forward to try this new system and really hoping it to work.

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