These are the list of discounted gift card websites/apps I’ve been using for a few years. Before going to a store or purchase something online, I check if these websites offer any good discounts for my stores.

How do discounted gift card sites work?

Discounted gift card sites buy/sell unused gift cards for a discounted price. I don’t have any experience in selling gift cards. But I always had good experience in buying gift cards for discounts. For example, today I bought $30 worth of The Children’s Place gift card for $27 (10% discount) and it got delivered to my account in seconds.

You can find both online and in-store gift cards for sale from those website. Just take a quick look at the type of gift card (egift card or physical gift card) before you buy.

Below are the list of gift card websites/apps I use. Before my purchases, I compare the discounts from all these 3 websites and go with the one that gives better discounts.

The good news is, all the below websites offer $5 reward for your first purchase if you go through the referral links below. When you buy the first time, they typically take few hours to verify. Once that’s done, the rest of the purchases are delivered real fast.


Raise has an app that’s super easy to use. Last week we went to P.F.Changs and when we were ready to pay the bill, I opened my Raise app and checked if there are any e-gift cards available that I can use. Lucky me, there was a gift card sold with 18% discount. I paid $41 for $50 worth of gift card. I think the bill was around $43 and I tipped the rest to the waiter. Overall, I paid only $41 for a wonderful meal at our favorite restaurant.

Currently Raise is running a promotion of $10 off $20 gift card for first time customers. On top of that, if you use this referral link (or referral code: ppanneers1), you’ll get $5 reward.


Another great discounted gift card website that I use often as well. Use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

If you have Apple Phones, Cardpool has an app that you can download. For Android users like me, there is no app available. So, I primarily buy my gift cards through Cardpool for online purchases.


Yet another website that offers discount cards. Not all cards available in all of these websites. By checking all three before your purchase, you can find better discounts for your purchases. Again, use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

The only caveat is, CardCash doesn’t have any apps for its customers.

Note: the referral links provided above are my referral links. By using them you’ll get $5 off of your first order as well as I get $5 at no cost to you.

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