I’m one of those people who don’t enjoy going to shopping. I hate going to stores and look for the clothes or things I like. Most of the time I end up returning without buying anything. It’s just not worth the trip and Hubby HATES taking me to shopping just for this reason.

On the other hand, I absolutely enjoy online shopping. I primarily buy from a handful of websites. I wait till they have some sale going on, and I look for coupon codes before buying the things I like.

When I shop online, FREE RETURNS is an absolute important factor. I want to have the option to return stuff without hassle if I don’t like them.

On top of buying in sale and looking for coupon codes, there is one more area through which I save money. It’s through cashback websites. All you need to do is, create an account and browse the online stores and click through the cashback website to go to your shopping.

Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorite cashback sites I’ve been using for years. Before every online purchase, I check the cashback % for each of these websites and go through the one that gives highest cashback. Once you reach a certain amount, you can request a check or redeem the cashback for gift cards/other options.


I love that Ebates offers some nice cashbacks for rare online shops. For example, I buy clothes from Crazy 8 and Ebates is the only site that provides cashback for Crazy 8 purchases. Love that!

I’ve been using Ebates since 2014 and quite happy with the cashbacks I received.

If you’re new to Ebates, sign up through this link and get your first $10


It’s one of my favorite cashback websites. Topcashback has been providing high cash backs for some of my shoppings and I’m in love with it.

I started using in 2009 and since then got $223.29 cashback just through them. It’s amazing how little things can add up.


If you check this post, I talked about Ibotta primarily for grocery shopping cashback. But Ibotta also offers some online shopping cashbacks if you’re shopping through your mobile phone. Use this link or my referral code gjheew to earn $10.

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