Can you believe it’s almost a month since I posted my last life lately post? I’m trying to post one every 2 weeks. Personally, it’s a fun to write and couple of my readers told me it’s fun to see these pictures as well.

Birthday Celebration:

Someone was eagerly waiting for Amma to cut the cake so that he can dig into the cream. He kept saying “happy birthday Amma! cut the cake” 🙂

I celebrated my birthday few days ago. I was sick that day and spent the whole day trying to recover from illness. So I was mostly home bound except visiting temple and eating out.

AND, I bought a long list of products from Sephora as birthday gift. Its one of the areas where I splurge the most.

Local Sight Seeing:

A friend recommended this place recently and we decided to stop by in one of the weekends. It’s a nice view of Austin’s 360 bridge and Lake Austin river.

The path to the view was a little rough. Hubby was carrying Chuttu and Chuttu kept telling me “Amma, careful” and “Amma, are you ok?” lol! This little dude acts like an adult sometimes.

Amma, you’re dirty:

I love weekend morning, especially if I can wake up early before everyone ;). One Saturday morning, I decided to apply turmeric on my face before I start making pancakes. Chuttu woke up after me and came to the kitchen. Below is how the conversation went:

He was sleepy and rubbing his eyes when entering the kitchen.
Chuttu: Amma, what’s on your face?
Me: It’s turmeric Baby
Chuttu: Your face is dirty Amma. Go and wash it!
Me: Oh no! (agreeing to him that my face is dirty) Can we take a selfie before I wash it?
Chuttu: Yeah!

Poor boy! He didn’t even brush his teeth and mommy wanted to take a selfie. I guess he is used to my selfies that he was not even surprised when I asked him.

Picnic in the backyard:

When the weather is good without any mosquitoes, we have our dinners at the backyard. the family dinner consists of lot of running, soccer and some bites here and there 🙂

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