If you are a parent, you know how important it is to cultivate the reading habits among the children. That said. books are expensive guys. It stings when I go buy a book and Jeev ends up not liking it. Kids interests change quickly and it’s hard to predict what they will like in each phase of their life. So below are the ideas I follow to get kids books for almost at no cost:

Can’t say enough about using neighborhood library. They typically let you take from 20 to 50 books at a time and the renewal dates are at least 3 weeks. If you live in USA and don’t have a library card, get one first thing tomorrow.

Our local library conducts a variousevents for kids. We have family time scheduled for babies and toddlers during weekdays and Saturday. Since both my husband and I work full time, we take Jeev to the library story time on Saturdays. It always is a first activities during the weekend and kich starts the weekend on a great mood. Jeev loves it so much that we spend at least an hour in the library every Saturday.

Facebook Groups:

As I mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to buy/sell stuff on Facebook. Find out local kids buy/sell facebook groups and keep an eye out for books. Our home community also has a facebook buy/sell group where I buy some of Jeev’s books.

The first thing I do after buying used books is, wipe out completely using baby wipes. We don’t know how it was used and it’s good to wipe them clean before the kid uses.

Thrift Store:

You never know what you find in thrift stores :). I found some really good books from there for a fraction of cost. Also, don’t forget to wipe the books clean before the kid uses. If it’s a book made of cloth, it’s better to wash them before use.

Borrow From Friends:

Swap the books/toys among your friends who have kids of the same age. That way the kids won’t get bored of the same stuff. I’d suggest you do it only with close friends to avoid any conflict that may arise in the future.

Discounted books stores:

If you are looking for a specific book and not able to find it anywhere in the above places, discounted book store is a good place to start before buying for full price.

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