Post-Delivery Freebies From The HOSPITAL

Now that I just delivered our Baby #2 (a week ago), I want to share these freebies list with you when my memory is still fresh. Our body goes through a lot during pregnancy and delivery that these products we receive in the hospital help a lot during the first few days after delivery (and sometimes longer). As a followup to baby freebies for expecting moms, here are the list of freebies you can get from the Hospital post-delivery.

For The Mom:

  1. Mesh panties
  2. Disposable underpads
  3. Hospital squeeze bottle
  4. Wound creams
  5. Pain relieving spray
  6. Maternity pads
  7. Travel toothbrush
  8. Travel toothpaste
  9. Lanolin
  10. Bath and body products (if you don’t find them in the bathroom, you can request some)
  11. Witch hazel pads
  12. Water jug – I used my own water bottle instead
  13. Egg crate foam
    1. I didn’t know about egg crate during when I delivered our son 3 years ago. During the hospital stay this time, a nurse gave me egg crate when I had a hard time sitting on the bed. It was super comfortable that I carried it home and have been using it ever since.

For The Baby:

  1. Newborn diaper
  2. Baby wipes
  3. Nasal aspirator
  4. Baby comb
  5. Baby formula

Other items I haven’t mentioned are, baby blankets and baby clothes that you can use at the hospital. We never carried them home after the stay even though I don’t think it would be a problem.

Hospital Food:

During my first delivery hospital stay, I had no idea food is covered with the hospital stay until the last day. So, this time I specifically asked them how I/my guest can order food  to make sure I don’t pay anything extra for the food that’s already covered under the stay. Some hospitals do offer food for one guest.


Note: some of the links in this post are affiliate links. By taking action through these links, I’ll be able to earn some money at no cost to you.

Recommended Websites To Buy Discounted Gift Cards

These are the list of discounted gift card websites/apps I’ve been using for a few years. Before going to a store or purchase something online, I check if these websites offer any good discounts for my stores.

How do discounted gift card sites work?

Discounted gift card sites buy/sell unused gift cards for a discounted price. I don’t have any experience in selling gift cards. But I always had good experience in buying gift cards for discounts. For example, today I bought $30 worth of The Children’s Place gift card for $27 (10% discount) and it got delivered to my account in seconds.

You can find both online and in-store gift cards for sale from those website. Just take a quick look at the type of gift card (egift card or physical gift card) before you buy.

Below are the list of gift card websites/apps I use. Before my purchases, I compare the discounts from all these 3 websites and go with the one that gives better discounts.

The good news is, all the below websites offer $5 reward for your first purchase if you go through the referral links below. When you buy the first time, they typically take few hours to verify. Once that’s done, the rest of the purchases are delivered real fast.


Raise has an app that’s super easy to use. Last week we went to P.F.Changs and when we were ready to pay the bill, I opened my Raise app and checked if there are any e-gift cards available that I can use. Lucky me, there was a gift card sold with 18% discount. I paid $41 for $50 worth of gift card. I think the bill was around $43 and I tipped the rest to the waiter. Overall, I paid only $41 for a wonderful meal at our favorite restaurant.

Currently Raise is running a promotion of $10 off $20 gift card for first time customers. On top of that, if you use this referral link (or referral code: ppanneers1), you’ll get $5 reward.


Another great discounted gift card website that I use often as well. Use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

If you have Apple Phones, Cardpool has an app that you can download. For Android users like me, there is no app available. So, I primarily buy my gift cards through Cardpool for online purchases.


Yet another website that offers discount cards. Not all cards available in all of these websites. By checking all three before your purchase, you can find better discounts for your purchases. Again, use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

The only caveat is, CardCash doesn’t have any apps for its customers.

Note: the referral links provided above are my referral links. By using them you’ll get $5 off of your first order as well as I get $5 at no cost to you.

Centsible Indian – 2016 Year in Review

As we wrap 2016 in few days, our family wish you a wonderful New Year 2017!

When comparing 2015, 2016 was such a whirlwind ride: I got pregnant, hard first trimester, some hectic work schedule, cross country move etc. I’m sure I missed some other things in the mix. I feel confused whether the year went by fast or slow. In some cases, super fast and in some cases, reaaallly slow 🙂

Recent Fun Family Moments:

Here are some fun moments I recently captured and shared in Instagram:

Blogging 2016 Recap:

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  7. How To Sell Your Used Items On Facebook? – I strongly believe in avoiding clutter in home and one of the best ways to get rid of it is, to sell it and make some money out of it. Facebook is a great place to do that if you’re not already doing it. Shared step by step instruction on how to sell stuff on Facebook
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  5. The Think Positive Challenge and Blessings Journal – this challenge as well as blessings journal has been a huge help in my life. As I mentioned, 2016 was so different with lot of twists and turns. This really got me going and still gets me going. I highly encourage you to read this if you are looking for some positive thoughts in your life.

Enjoy this Holidays season with friends and family. We are going to take things slow with our newborn and cherish the moments I spend with my kiddos. I hope to see you in the next year as we continue on our journey together.

How I’m Saving $70/Month On Cell Phone Bills

The above numbers are my cell phone bills till last month

Cutting on recurring expenses will save you more money over time. Even if you save $10 a month, you’ll end up saving $120 in a year. That’s why it’s important to tackle recurring expenses first when trying to reduce the overall spending.

Phone bill is one such expense that’s hard to reduce considering the limited options available in the market. I remember paying ~$100 for a phone service and even if I go 1MB over the limit, I’d have to pay for the extra 2GB. I don’t use data often and even then, sometimes when I go above the limit during travel, I had to pay for the next set of data. But there is no benefit if I don’t use all my data.

Almost a year ago, Hubby insisted I try Project Fi even though I was very hesitant to try it. I was using iPhone at that time and never used Android phones before. I was unsure whether I’ll like it. Since Hubby insisted and I wanted to reduce our monthly cellphone bill, I went ahead with Project Fi. Oh Boy, now I’m so glad I did. I’m currently paying, on average, $27 per month.

Google is offering Project Fi that’s such an inexpensive option to expensive carrier options available in the market. The best part of Project Fi is, you don’t need to compromise on your smartphone usage to save money.

I also LOVE my Nexus 6P phone. In my opinion, it’s so much better than the iPhone I was using. I love the photo clarity and almost all the pictures you see on the blog are taken by my Nexus phone.

My husband was on a contract until now and recently he switched to Project Fi as well. The base plan is $20 per month. For each additional member you add in the plan, it’s $15 per person. For our family, we are pay $35 for 2 base plans. When you include tax and other charges, it costs less than $45 for the whole family. Sweet deal! Currently,

Currently, Project Fi is running a $20 off promotion on your first bill. Use the code OCW15F for $20 discount off of your first bill.

Now let me tell you, even without this promotion I was planning to write this post. It’s just that this promotion came at the right time.

Pros and Cons of Project Fi:


  • $20 basic plan with unlimited domestic talk and text
  • $10/GB data
  • You pay only for the data you use. For example, If I used only 100MB that monthm I’ll pay only $1 for my data that month.
  • You can add additional members in the group plan for just $15 a month
  • No contract necessary
  • You can use it with your existing iPhone
  • Can be used even when you travel internationally. International date cost is same as $10/GB
  • Partnered with 3 4G LTE carriers for the network. So, you wouldn’t see any disruption in network (I didn’t have any issues with network in the last 1 year)
  • Unlimited international texting
  • International calls at cheaper rate. I’d still recommend you try these cheap international calling options
  • Wonderful customer support. I hardly waited more than 1 minute to connect with them and I always used their Chat option.


  • You need to buy a separate phone that supports Project Fi (trust me, it’s soo worth it when you can save $70 a month easily) – I bought Nexus 6P and I soo LOVE the phone.
    To use Project Fi, you need a Pixel XL, Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, or Nexus 6 (North America versions).
  • Not available in all Zip codes. Check to see if you live in a zip code they offer service

Google released a quiz for you to find out if Project Fi is a right fit for your need. Take the quiz from here.


If you decide to use my referral code above, you get $20 off of your first-month bill and I get $20 off on my bill as well. Do let me know if you have any questions.

At-Home DIY Teeth Whitening Options

As someone who loves DIY and at-home beauty care, I never bought teeth whitening before even though I tried the Crest samples once in a while. I have been trying the baking soda one for a while and turmeric whitening option is something I started trying after I got pregnant. The ingredients are from your kitchen and it doesn’t take more than a minute to whip up these teeth whitening solutions.

Baking Soda and Lemon Teeth Whitening:

Mix 1 tea spoon of baking soda and ½ tea spoon of lemon juice. Brush your teeth with this paste and keep it in your mouth for 2 minutes before washing. Once done, you can continue your regular brushing.
I used to try this option until I got pregnant.

Turmeric-Lemon Teeth Whitening:

The baking soda whitening is not completely safe when pregnant. So, I started researching more on alternative and settled with this option. Turmeric being a stain maker in clothes, I found it really hard to believe that turmeric will whiten your teeth. After trying for a few times – let me tell you – it works.
If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, this a great alternative option to baking soda teeth whitening.

Mix 1 table spoon of turmeric with lemon. Brush your teeth with this paste and hold on your mouth for 2 minutes before washing. Once done, brush with your toothpaste.