Early to Rise Challenge Day 8 – Total Failure

Feeling so embarrassed to post today’s update. Today is my husband’s birthday. So, after celebrating his birthday at 12 midnight, we slept around 12.30 AM and woke up at 8.30.

I should have tried to wake up early. Unfortunately, my sickness didn’t help it at all. Hoping to come back to the bandwagon from tomorrow.

Early to Rise Challenge – Day 7

I know I missed to post my day 6 challenge updates. Yesterday was a busy day and I was dragging myself to work due to sickness. I woke up at 5.30 AM, came home from office at 7.30 PM, had our dinner (thanks to Freezer cooking), and slept.

I woke up at 7 AM today even though I slept at 10 PM itself. Working from home as the flu is taking a toll on me.

Hope you all are having a good day!

Early to Rise Challenge – Day 5

I was awake at 5.30 AM and was not able to wake up until 6.39 AM. Lots of thought were running on my head about our life. We’re in a position to make some life important decisions without enough information on hand.

Anyway, I don’t call today as a wake up failure. Since I’m working from home, already started my work.
Yesterday recap:
I was traveling 4 hours for lot of meetings yesterday. Came home at 7.30 PM, had dinner, spent some time with the family and slept. Not an exciting day thought.

An idea to wake up early:
Set your favorite song as an alarm ring tone. I frequently change my alarm ring tone so that I won’t get used to the same tone and sleep again.

Early To Rise Challenge – Day 4 + An Idea To Wake Up Early

It’s the start of a busy week. I woke up at 5.30 AM and drove 2 hours for work related meeting at 9 AM. Today is more like a compulsion wake up due to early morning meeting. So I don’t call it an achievement.

A tip to wake up early:

Create a wake up buddy group: We may not have these kinds of Early to Rise challenges every month. Instead have someone you know, who is struggling to wake up early, as your wake up buddy. Both of you commit to the time and reward each other for your accomplishments.

I have a different set up with my mom. She lives at the opposite end of the world. If its morning here, it would night time there. She gives me a call in my wake up hours if I’m struggling to wake up.

Beetroot Blueberry Juice – A Unique Healthy Juice

I grew up eating lot of beetroot as my mom loves to cook meals with beetroot. I like to eat it both raw and cooked. I came up with this recipe when I bought so many beetroots few weeks ago and I was not able to use all of them in my recipes.

Beetroot has its unique flavor and sweetness. You don’t need to add any sugar or honey to sweeten the juice. It’s totally optional.


Beetroot – 1 cup
Blueberry – 1 cup

Blend these two vegetable/fruit combination in the juicer and pour into a glass. You’re ready for a healthy, tasty juice.

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