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Life Lately

Life LatelyIt’s been minutes since I shared my life lately. Probably not after the baby was born? ๐Ÿ™‚ You all know how the first few months after baby would be. Jeev was getting adjusted to having a sibling, sleepless nights, new place, and aย lot more changes than we would prefer. We survived and finally, things are getting better.

about meera

About Meera:

Meera just turned 5 months old and she already adores her brother. She is sitting on her own and always looking to grab something to put it in her mouth. She is such a charmer and wants everyone around her. She gets upset even if one of her moves away from her. This girl is full of life and I’m already seeing her uniqueness.

hershey chocolate world

Our Trips to Chocolate factory and DC:

When Jeev was born, we started taking him out as soon as he turned 2 months. With Meera, we finally took a long trip only after she turned 4 months old. My husband has been working too many hours lately (not a happy wife here) and on a Saturday evening, we decided to take a 3 hours trip to Chocolate Factory in Philadelphia. The best part was, we finally traveled to someplace nice and enjoyed every bit of the experience. The worst part was, Hubby was on call all through the journey and we missed meeting some of the folks in PA.

Then, the week after, we took my mom to DC. DC is 4 hours away from our place and it only took us 7 hours to reach there after taking breaks almost every 30 minutes.

It’s our third visit to DC and a low key visit. We made the whole journey as simple as possible. Driving to DC was the hardest part of the trip. We stayed 5 minutes away from major attractions and took Uber everywhere. We came back to the room for kids nap time and went out again in the evening. It worked perfectly fine for us.

Back to work:

I was back to work from maternity leave from March. It’s been over 3 months and I should say life has been crazzaayย over here. I’m not really complaining, I love what I do and overall I’m happy that I’m able to balance better than I expected. Big thanks to my family!

Meera’s 100 days and Anna Prashanam:

I’m someone who keeps looking for ideas to celebrate and create memories as a family. We celebrated Jeev’s 100 days and I followed the same tradition for Meera as well.

For Meera’s anna prasannamย (first feeding ceremony), mom and I went to Jo Ann’s, picked material for her dress, and Mom handmade a dress for her first bite. I’ll treasure this dress forever. The day was, for sure, very special.

My YouTube channel:

I started YouTube channel a couple of months ago to share some of the things that work better when I show visually. I also realized I’m stressed out when I try to do everything. My initial plan was to post a video once every couple of weeks and I don’t think it’s feasible.

Even to take a video, I had to wait till the house is silent (is that even possible with an active toddler and a baby?), set up everything, take video, and edit. Man, it’s a lot of work and not doing something I planned stresses me out.

So I decided to take it easy and shoot videos whenever I feel like. If I post a video, I’ll share it on Facebook and Instagram.

The Bad:

In the last few months, we had to visit ER multiple times. By God’s grace, all are due to me freaking out over small issues (mom hormones, maybe?). But, this side of life is definitely stressful. I hope there won’t be any sickness for a while.

Did you have any big moments in the last few weeks/months? I’d love to hearing more about you.

Life Lately (Major Change In Our Life)

cross-country-moveI have mentioned on and off how the life has been crazy over here. I’m not even exaggerating. A lot of things happened in the past few weeks and I did some unimaginable things that I never thought I’d do while being pregnant. Well, that’s how life is. At the end of the day, our family survived. ta tada!

Cross Country Move:

Yep! this is it. This is the culprit of my few blog post and big change in life. We moved from Texas to New Jersey last week. Husband reached NJ 2 weeks ago and I had to handle a lot of things in those 2 weeks before the move. That includes selling our car (a separate post on that), selling household items, packing half the house, hiring property manager to rent the house, etc.

In the middle of all these, I fell sick and we called my parents to come early to help me. I have such a wonderful parents and I should tell you, they helped me so much during the move.

My parents have always been my biggest strength. I even told them that they don’t have to come for my 2nd pregnancy if they don’t want to. They wanted to be with me and here they are helping me at an important time in our life.

Now that we are in NJ, this week is all about moving to our rental place and setting things up. As expected the weather is cold, but we get to enjoy some fall season over here. That’s a good thing, right?


As you might already know, it’s one of my favorite holidays. The best time of the year around here is from October to December. That’s when you have Diwali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I love this Holidays season and for some reason I believe people are in happy mood all these months.

Chuttu dressed up as Hulk for school and Super man on the Halloween day. I had my wolf cap on when we started the trick or treating. then Chuttu thought, it looks good on him more than me. He became a Super Wolf after that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Mom and Dad enjoyed Halloween for the first time and we had a good time overall.

8th-year-anniversary8 Years Anniversary:

As I mentioned in this post, it was a low key celebration and I was really bummed that Hubby will be away for 2 weeks and we are moving to NJ especially during winter.


You won’t believe how many crafts I planned and did for Diwali. I didn’t get a chance to hang them and don’t have pretty pictures of them to post here before Diwali. Now that Diwali is over, I’m going to take some pretty pictures early on next year and share with you all. Yikes!

Starting next week, I’m going to restart the weekly indian menu planning and my favorite make ahead prep with you all.

Four Important Lessons I Learned From Our Married Life


We celebrated our 8 years wedding anniversary this week. It was a low-key celebration and as usual Hubby surprised me this time as well. I’m the boring one when it comes to gifts, I guess ๐Ÿ™‚

Initial years are crucial in any relationship and like every marriage, we invested a lot of time and effort and by GOD’s grace, will be putting more effort to create a wonderful life together.

A lot of things contribute to a better marriage and each of us might have our own set of things we learned from our married life. And, below are some important lessons I learned over time:

Never Argue Over Extended Family:

Knowingly or unknowingly, we both decided not to argue over relatives even in the initial years. Be it his side or my side, we don’t argue who is right and who is not. It typically is more of a discussion and we try to stay in the middle ground and assess the issue, if at all there is any.

If I’m upset with my family, he would be the first and mostly the only one to know. I don’t try to hide it from him it just because it’s about my family.

Being transparent really helped in our marriage. We started becoming more open to each other and talk about anything and everything under the sun. And did I say, my husband is my BEST friend?

A Little ‘ME” Time and Couple Time:

In the initial years, we go everywhere as a couple. Now, we encourage each other to spend some “me” time outside of the family. Be it going to movies with friends or visiting a friend for a coffee, it doesn’t have to be a family event. I think every relationship needs these tiny, little breaks. When my husband travels for work, I’d tell him that I’m going to enjoy this alone time without a lot of cooking and cleaning. I might be watching my favorite movie or sleep early right after our little buddy sleeps. No “miss you hubby” here ๐Ÿ™‚

It was the first time my husband stayed without me in the house when I went for work travel last month. I told him to enjoy this alone time which I think he did.

Now let’s talk about couple time: I even listed it as my monthly goal. Once having kids, unless there is some help, it’s hard to do date nights. So, we are trying lunch dates instead. We try to meet for lunch one of the working days when the kid is at daycare. Even then, we mostly talk about our son. But at least we talk a little about other stuff as well.

What Is Important To Your Spouse?

Each person has a set of things they cannot compromise. For example, clean house and good food are absolute essential for my husband. When we got married, I didn’t even know the basics of cooking. Over time, I understood these 2 are important to him and when he gets both of these, he will be one happy guy around.

Now let me tell you, my husband helps me with the cleaning. We share household work and it’s just that he doesn’t know cooking and doesn’t enjoy it. But he contributes in other areas. Do you know I have never done laundry once in these 8 years? He is our laundry guy ๐Ÿ˜‰

Open Discussions:

I believe it’s the basic for any relationship. Have a frank discussion with your spouse if you’re upset about something. There is no hiding over here. If you don’t know me personally, I LOVE to talk and my MR is more of a listener. Initially, it was hard to get words out of his mouth when we had discussions. Over time, he understood I’d rather talk through the issues and solve them right away than keep them at the back of my mind and quote at a later point in life.

That said, I’m sure I’ll be learning lot more lessons in the coming years. What are some of the lessons you learned in your married life (if you’re married)?

TADA! Here Is My Big News :)

pregnant-indian-woman-3About to share a wonderful news with you.. ๐Ÿ™‚

You have no idea how happy it makes me when you reach out to me and tell me you found the blog information useful. So glad I’m able to connect with each one of you personally through this blog. I have no intention of making this blog a tracking tool of my personal life. But I also want you to know my personal side. That why I share snippets of our life once every few weeks.

Now coming to the big news: WE ARE PREGNANT!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ We are expecting our second child in December. I just completed 6 months and I have 3 more to go. We are beyond excited and thankful to GOD for this precious gift. I’m super close to my brother and I can’t wait for our Chuttu to enjoy the sibling bond.

This pregnancy is WAY different from last:

My last pregnancy was a breeze. I didn’t have any major symptoms and I almost felt normal throughout the pregnancy. This second one literally threw me off-guard. Even before the first month, my morning sickness started and I went through some difficult times in the first 3 months. Even now, I’m tired constantly and feel like my energy is completely drained at the end of the day.

Again, no complaints really. I’m extremely grateful for this precious child and can’t wait to see our Baby 2. ๐Ÿ™‚

pregnant-indian-woman-2Weight Gain:

For my first pregnancy, I think I put 24 pounds by the time I delivered. In this pregnancy, so far I’ve put 6 pounds and I guess I’ll put more pounds in this last trimester.

Every time when I’m ready to take pictures at home, the monsters of the house wouldn’t let me take one. At last I took all these pictures when I traveled for work last week.

I LOVE Christmas season and enjoy watching Christmas movies every day in December. Now onwards, December is going to be much more special month for our family ๐Ÿ™‚

Life Lately – Water Park and Construction Site {do you see a theme here! ;)}

Happy Monday Ya’ll! Here, the weather is hot and sunny and we are taking full advantage of the summer before it cools down. I can’t believe we are almost in the middle of September and in a month, we are going to celebrate HALLOWEEEEEN! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love Halloween and it’s too cute to see these little kiddos dressed up. Can’t wait!

Family Fun In Water Park:

After our visit to Great wolf lodge, we realized that Chuttu LOVES water parks. So, one of my September month goals is to take Chuttu to nearby water parks. We have 2 local parks and we took him to a nearby one couple of weeks back. As expected, our little guy had tons of fun and even I went on water slides after a long time.

life lately september 2016 1

Dump Trucks and Backhoe:

Do you know what is Backhoe? I got to know after giving birth to my little monster. I have seen way too many of them in the last few months and even then I’m still not sure which one is Backhoe. Chuttu LOVES all kinds of vehicles and it’s kinda fun seeing a 2 years old’s fascination over vehicles. It’s no surprise that his second birthday party was construction theme one.

life-lately-september-2016-3I think you see a Backhoe in the picture. I might be wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hep Ganesha:

How is our Hep Ganesha? Looks like our creative brain took a break when we decided to make Ganesha. But we had fun making our playdough Ganesha that everytime I see this picture, I smile. We could only keep him in this shape for few minutes until our toddler decided to squeeze him tight out of love. ๐Ÿ˜‰

life-lately-september-2016-7Chuttu is very caring and protective of us. Even if my expression changes, he’d ask me “Amma, are you ok?” and I dare you, I have to say YES. In case if I say NO, he’d correct me to say YES :). These kids are very smart and observe even little changes in us.