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Indian Menu Planning – Week of Jan 22/18

So I didn’t get a chance to make Jambalaya last week as planned. So, adding it to this week’s menu as well.
Although I own a waffle maker, it’s been so long since I made waffles. So hoping to surprise my son with a waffle on one of the mornings.
Besides fried tofu, do you know any other Tofu recipes that you like? I kinda have love/hate relationship with Tofu. I like it in Chinese food, but not a great fan if I have to make it at home (I still push everyone to eat because it’s good for health. Yikes!)
Check out this Indian Meal Planning Support Group for more meal planning inspirations.

December 2nd Week Indian Menu Planning

This week’s menu is quite different from our family’s regular menu for a reason. It’s going to be a loong week and I decided to simplify the already simple menu to survive the week 😉
Where I come from, lentil rice is a staple meal that’s made quite often. None of my little family members like it and I’m finally making it just for me.
Have you guys tried sweet Thai coconut sauce from Costco? It’s my most favorite salad dressing and I’m eating more salad lately just for the dressing.

Indian Weekly Menu – Gungura Pappu Special

You guys, mom left already and I’m back to meal planning for the week.

Above is my menu for this week. It makes my cooking so much easier and at least I don’t have to get takeouts on weekday nights.

We bought jackfruit this weekend and I made curry out of the nut today. Not bad for the first attempt.
Tomorrow, I’m making gongura pappu for lunch. It’s going to be my first attempt as well. I have gongura leaves cleaned, washed, and stored in the freezer. It shouldn’t take more than few mins of prep in the morning before I dump everything in the Instantpot for Gongura puppu. Let’s hope it will come out good

Indian Weekly Meal Planning – June 25 2017

Moment of truth:

It’s been few weeks since I did a complete menu planning. The reason being, mom is visiting us and she is taking care of the lunches while I cook dinners. So I have been planning only my dinner plans all the while.

Finally, this week mom wanted me to plan the complete menu as she realized she has to think about what to cook for lunch every morning. She kinda goes back and forth on this. I really don’t want to push her to follow something unless she wants to.

Above is my weekly menu for this week. If this is the first time you’re seeing my menu planning, here are some facts about our menu: 

  • We eat a lot of roti during weekdays
  • We also made a number of changes to the diet such as switching to brown rice completely, early dinners, relatively heavy breakfasts, evening smoothies etc.
  • I didn’t include our snacks and smoothies in this menu. I probably will do after my mom leaves. Now that she is here, she has been a great help in handling some of my work