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First YouTube Video on Weekly Meal Planning

I’ve been meaning to shoot videos on meal planning for at least a year. As an outgoing introvert (!) I’m always hesitant to throw me out in the world, be it in the blogging world or YouTube world. After so many months I got the courage to do my first video and here I am posting it on meal planning. Guess that deserve a separate post? 🙂

Indian Meal Planning – 04/03/17

Indian Weekly Menu Planning

On the work front, this week has been crazy. Work life balance is suffering high, but I’m hoping to go back to normal mode starting next week. This week, I did miss couple of the menu items I planned. But it’s definitely good to have menu and all you do is pull out the recipe and start cooking.

Here is next week’s menu:

Pancake Bites (I use my whole wheat pancake recipe and make it using paniyaram pan)Roti with Channa Masalaven pongal witu sambar (I'll be making it with my instant pot)
Egg SandwichRoti with Ridge gourd kootuBaked pasta
Peanut butter chocolate chips muffinRoti with Cauliflower KormaVeggie burger (going to use pre-made burger patties)
Scrambled egg muffin (will omit the meat and make it all vegetarian)Jeera Pulav with Mirchi Ka SalanPasta veggie soup (going to clean the freezer and will use leftover veggies
CerealRoti with spinach dalIdly with coriander chutney

I included store-bought burger patties for veggie burger in the menu for next week. If you’re following my menu planning and using it for your household, I’d love to hear from you if you want to see store-bought items in the menu as well. Let me know.

whole wheat flour
baking soda
baking powder
brown sugar
Vanilla essense
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter
cheddar cheese
bell pepper
Cereal of your choice
Garbanzo beans
Bay leaf
Carom seeds
Garam masala
Ridge gourd
Moong dal
Grated coconut
Cashew nuts
Ginger garlic paste
long and think green chillis
Sesame seeds
Coriander leaves
leftover veggies

Here is a Facebook support group for Indian weekly menu planning. This group is a great place for sharing cooking pictures, menu , and recipe suggestions.

Indian Weekly Meal Planning – 032717

I finally created a Facebook group for Indian weekly menu planning. It’s been in my mind for few months and it finally made it out. I’m excited to be a part of the group and looking forward to get to know others meal planning ideas.

I’m trying to add lots of greens in our meal. Hence, you’ll see spinach in different meal. This menu is for the whole family. Since I’m trying to lose my pregnancy weight, I might not follow this menu like the rest of the family. Some days, I eat salad and I’ll end up drinking just smoothie for breakfast.

Here is how my weekly menu planning works:

Menu planning only for week days (Mon to Fri)

  • I’ll be linking the recipes for all the meals. These recipes are from multiple different sources, not just from my blog
  • I’ll list of all the required ingredients for the weekly menu except basic Indian spices
  • The menu for the upcoming week will be up on the blog by mid of the previous week. For example, I’m updating next week menu today itself.That way, if you’re following the menu, you will have time to buy the ingredients listed before the week starts. Once the week started, all you need to do is simply follow the recipes I linked.
Potato egg spinach quiche (tried something at the farmer's market couple of weeks ago and Hubby was asking if I can make it at home. Couldn't find a similar recipe. So, i'm going to try my own and share the recipe with you)Roti with Spinach KootuChickpea pasta winter soup {making it in spring 🙂 }
OatmealRice, Sambar, and bitter gourd fry (I make it with less oil and little more crispy)Idly with hotel sambar
Egg spinach omlette sandwichRoti with Chayote kootuBaked Pasta (family favorite recipe and I make it almost every week)
Whole wheat waffle (I skip the butter from the recipe)Lemon rice, Tamarind rice, and potato fryHomemade veggie pizza (I use mushroom, bell pepper, and cheese for toppings)
Banana muffin (the BEST recipe ever. I shared the pictures on Instagram when I made it. I use whole wheat flour instead)Roti with bagara bainganPearl millet dosa with coriander chutney

Hope the ingredients list below simplifies your shopping list

Instant oats
Nut butter
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Goji berries
Whole wheat flour
Moong dal
Green peas
Bitter gourd
Ginger garlic paste
Cumin powder
Coriander powder
Garam masala
PeanutsGaram masala
Pasta sauce
parmesan cheese
Pearl millet
Fenugreek seeds
Urad dal
Coriander leaves
Shredded coconut
Bell pepper
Mozzarella cheese

Happy menu planning!

Weekly Indian Menu Planning + Changes On The Blog

indian meal planningHowdy Ya’ll! Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend with the family.

I had been pestering Hubby to make some changes on the blog for sometime and finally this week he decided to help me. Before we realize, the blog was down for a day and he had to work all night yesterday to fix it. If any of you tried accessing the blog this weekend and it’s down, sorry about the inconvenience.

I’m still getting used to this new design and I hope you’re too. Stay tuned until we make it a little prettier.

Sunday is my Indian menu planning and pre-prep day for the week. I tried to do it every Friday to give you a head start. It just didn’t work.

Going forward, I’ll be sharing the menu planning + my week prep on Saturdays. That way, if you want to copy the menu I share here, you’ll have some time to prepare the items I have in the menu.

This Week’s Menu Planning:

The first 3 days of the week are going to be CRAZAAAY at work! So, the first 3 days are going to be super simple menu and something I can make in 15 minutes.



  • Rice, drumstick sambar and beetroot curry
  • Roti and channa masala
  • Rice, kuzhambu and snake guard curry
  • Bisi bela bath with arbi fry
  • Roti with bottle guard yogurt curry (this curry is my mom’s recipe that I LOVE)
  • Roti with mutter panneer
  • Lemon rice and coconut rice with potato fry


  • Pasta with homemade pesto sauce / Salad
  • Adai with aviyal / Salad or fruits
  • Paneer cucumber sandwich with sweet potato fries / Fruits
  • Ven pongal with sambar/chutney / Fruits
  • Idly with chutney
  • Ravioli – Picked up a pack from Costco to try. Looking forward to a fancy dinner 😉
  • OUT

Evening Snack:

I snack throughout the day and when I have time, I drink a jug of juice in the morning. I’m not including all these here as they need a separate post. It’s that long 🙂

This Week’s Indian Meal Planning + Make Ahead Plans

Due to an impromptu vacation last week, we hardly finished the items I pre prepared last weekend. That made this week’s meal preparation quite simple. Today I made,

Ragi idly dough
– Home made ghee

Below is this week’s menu:


  • Tomato rice
  • Rice with drumstick sambar + potato curry
  • Broccoli paratha with channa masala
  • Rice, kuzhambu and carrot poriyal
  • Lemon rice with bittergaurd fry
  • Rice, mor kuzhambu and beans paruppu usili
  • Out


  • Baked pasta and salad
  • Idly with tomato chutney 
  • Adai with aviyal
  • Dosa waffle with sambar
  • Paneer sandwich with baked sweet potato fries
  • Upma with coconut chutney
  • Out