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Extra Income Project – Join Me

extra income projectI had this idea in my mind for months and I finally made it official. Yes, I have created a group to share our extra income earning projects.

The intent of this group is to share ideas and attempts to earn income through extra projects. Anything that promotes spending money to earn additional income is not allowed.

You might want to pay that debt or save money for next vacation. Whatever it is, this is a place where we get to share each of our extra income ideas and outcomes AND encourage each other.

For example, I have an audacious goal of saving $1000 for our 10 years anniversary celebration next year (10 months to go). All of this $1000 should come from extra projects I do outside of my day job. I’ll be sharing exactly the projects I am doing and how much I am earning through these projects.

So far I have $65 in the envelope by selling used items and I’m hoping to try other ideas to earn the rest of the money. I hope we share each other ideas, thereby all of us earn extra income.

The goal of this new group is to encourage each other and follow the journey of us as well as others. I’d love to see you there.

Link to the group:

3 Websites To Make Extra Money

3 websites to earn extra income

Here, I’m sharing my absolute favorite list of websites that require only 5 minutes of your day to earn extra money. I have been using them for years and quite happy with the $$ I receive for my very little effort. You can find my lifetime points/earnings in the pictures as well. Have a look and let me know if you have any questions. I’m adding my referral link in a couple of them below. You can earn initial points worth $ if you use my referral link and I get some points by sharing you these websites.

Bing is a search engine owned by Microsoft. Create an account at and earn points everytime you search through Bing. You’re basically registering your existing email address to start earning the points. Every day, you can earn 150 points through PC search and 100 points through mobile search (install app). Everyday Bing also provides options to get bonus points. You can redeem these points for gift card/buy services.

I mostly use rewards points for Skype credit or Starbucks gift card. 500 minutes Skype credit is only 4250 points. All our India calls are through Skype or Whatsapp. So having some Skype credits in handy helps with calling India numbers directly. More on that in a post here.

Instead of searching in Google, you search through Bing. The bonus is, you get to ear $$ for the searches. Double win if you ask me.


I have been using MyPoints from 2009. They offer you multiple different ways to earn points. To be honest, I hardly have time to try all of them. The only option I try, yet I’m able to redeem good $$ over years is clicking the emails that they send. When I clean up my mailbox once every few days, I just open these emails and click. That’s all I do. MyPoints offers 5 points to click the email. It’s an easy money for spending less than a minute every few days. All I have been doing is, clicking the emails that they send.

Those emails clearly say “get 5 points for clicking this”. These 5 points add up and in few months you can redeem them for gift cards.


What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is more of a search engine that rewards you with Swagbucks for searching. When you search, you will be randomly awarded Swagbucks for searching, from 5 bucks and more.

You Can Get Free Gift Cards For Shopping, Searching and Discovering What’s Online at

These Swagbucks can then be redeemed for a variety of different gift cards and other items. I got so many Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks over the year.

Join Swagbucks!

They also offer many different ways to earn more Swagbucks. Some of the most popular ways to earn Swagbucks are doing online searches, signing up for offers, printing coupons, completing special offers, or taking polls.

How to get started with Swagbucks?

Just sign up for a free Swagbucks account. Once you’re signed up, I encourage you check out the left hand side of swagbucks home page where they list out different options to earn money. Experiment with different ones until you determine the ones that works for you.

I encourage you to set an earnings goal each day and try to login and hit the points goals, if possible. Try to invest at least 5 minutes a day, it can really start to add up!

You can get $5 Amazon gift cards for just 500 points. With few minutes of your time, you can easily hit 40-50 points a day.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.

Recommended Websites To Buy Discounted Gift Cards

These are the list of discounted gift card websites/apps I’ve been using for a few years. Before going to a store or purchase something online, I check if these websites offer any good discounts for my stores.

How do discounted gift card sites work?

Discounted gift card sites buy/sell unused gift cards for a discounted price. I don’t have any experience in selling gift cards. But I always had good experience in buying gift cards for discounts. For example, today I bought $30 worth of The Children’s Place gift card for $27 (10% discount) and it got delivered to my account in seconds.

You can find both online and in-store gift cards for sale from those website. Just take a quick look at the type of gift card (egift card or physical gift card) before you buy.

Below are the list of gift card websites/apps I use. Before my purchases, I compare the discounts from all these 3 websites and go with the one that gives better discounts.

The good news is, all the below websites offer $5 reward for your first purchase if you go through the referral links below. When you buy the first time, they typically take few hours to verify. Once that’s done, the rest of the purchases are delivered real fast.


Raise has an app that’s super easy to use. Last week we went to P.F.Changs and when we were ready to pay the bill, I opened my Raise app and checked if there are any e-gift cards available that I can use. Lucky me, there was a gift card sold with 18% discount. I paid $41 for $50 worth of gift card. I think the bill was around $43 and I tipped the rest to the waiter. Overall, I paid only $41 for a wonderful meal at our favorite restaurant.

Currently Raise is running a promotion of $10 off $20 gift card for first time customers. On top of that, if you use this referral link (or referral code: ppanneers1), you’ll get $5 reward.


Another great discounted gift card website that I use often as well. Use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

If you have Apple Phones, Cardpool has an app that you can download. For Android users like me, there is no app available. So, I primarily buy my gift cards through Cardpool for online purchases.


Yet another website that offers discount cards. Not all cards available in all of these websites. By checking all three before your purchase, you can find better discounts for your purchases. Again, use this referral link to get $5 off your first order.

The only caveat is, CardCash doesn’t have any apps for its customers.

Note: the referral links provided above are my referral links. By using them you’ll get $5 off of your first order as well as I get $5 at no cost to you.

My Favorite 4 Cashback Websites For Online Shopping


I’m one of those people who don’t enjoy going to shopping. I hate going to stores and look for the clothes or things I like. Most of the time I end up returning without buying anything. It’s just not worth the trip and Hubby HATES taking me to shopping just for this reason.

On the other hand, I absolutely enjoy online shopping. I primarily buy from a handful of websites. I wait till they have some sale going on, and I look for coupon codes before buying the things I like.

When I shop online, FREE RETURNS is an absolute important factor. I want to have the option to return stuff without hassle if I don’t like them.

On top of buying in sale and looking for coupon codes, there is one more area through which I save money. It’s through cashback websites. All you need to do is, create an account and browse the online stores and click through the cashback website to go to your shopping.

Now that Thanksgiving is around the corner, I thought I’d share some of my favorite cashback sites I’ve been using for years. Before every online purchase, I check the cashback % for each of these websites and go through the one that gives highest cashback. Once you reach a certain amount, you can request a check or redeem the cashback for gift cards/other options.


I love that Ebates offers some nice cashbacks for rare online shops. For example, I buy clothes from Crazy 8 and Ebates is the only site that provides cashback for Crazy 8 purchases. Love that!

I’ve been using Ebates since 2014 and quite happy with the cashbacks I received.

If you’re new to Ebates, sign up through this link and get your first $10


It’s one of my favorite cashback websites. Topcashback has been providing high cash backs for some of my shoppings and I’m in love with it.

I started using in 2009 and since then got $223.29 cashback just through them. It’s amazing how little things can add up.


If you check this post, I talked about Ibotta primarily for grocery shopping cashback. But Ibotta also offers some online shopping cashbacks if you’re shopping through your mobile phone. Use this link or my referral code gjheew to earn $10.

*affiliate link

Apps That Provide Cashback For Existing Grocery Purchases

ibottaHow nice is it to get some cash back for your existing grocery purchases? All you need to do is download these apps in your smartphone and start getting cashbacks for your existing grocery purchases.

I’ve been using these cashback apps for years and they legitimately provide you free rebates. IBOTTA (Use this link or my referral code gjheew to earn $10), Checkout 51, and BerryCart are some of the apps I use for cash backs.

For example, so far I earned $59.25 lifetime earnings just from Ibotta. If you’re in USA, I highly recommend giving these apps a try.


All the 3 apps work alike. So I’m going to take Ibotta as an example and show you how to use it.

  • Download Ibotta app in your smartphone and when you sign up, use the referral code above for your first $10
  • After each visit to the grocery store grocery store, open the Ibotta app and select the store in which you purchased groceries {For example, if you purchased in Costco, select “Costco” before unlocking your cashbacks}
  • Go through the cashbacks listed under your store and see if they have any cashbacks for any of your purchases (most of the time they will have at least one of your purchases item listed for cashback)
  • For example, the above picture shows you can get cashback for MILK (any brand). So it doesn’t matter what brand of milk you bought, as long as it’s one gallon milk, you can get cashback for Milk purchase
  • “Unlock” the purchased products and click “verify purchase”
  • Verify meaning, scan the product you bought and upload receipt
  • You’ll receive cashback within 24 hours (I typically get within an hour)
  • As soon as you reach $25, you can redeem it for paypal or gift cards. They offer multiple options to redeem
  • It’s the same with other cashbacks apps as well

Two things to note:

  • I don’t check these cashback apps before my purchase. I don’t want them to influence my shopping in any way
  • I check these cashback apps as soon as I come home from the grocery store to not to forget to do it

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