{This is one of my favorite pictures lately. It’s just a sample of how my son reacts sometimes when I try to cuddle him. lol! I love to squeeze my little boy! 🙂 }

Hi there..

I’ve created both personal and professional blogs before. The topics I found interesting to discuss are saving money, spending less, investment, organizing, healthy vegetarian recipes, beauty and Indian lifestyle. Not that I’m a know-it-all. It’s just that I’m eager to learn things in those categories and love to share them with others.

About Me and my Family:

My family calls me Uma. I was born in India and currently living in Texas, US. I’ve been married for 8 years and have a 3 years old son and a 2 months old daughter. I also work full time and enjoy what I’m doing. I’m fortunate to have a husband who motivates and supports me in whatever I do. My favorite time is the time we spend with our kids.

I’m also close to my parents and brother. They’re equally supportive of me in everything I do. I’m a firm believer of GOD and grateful to HIM for this life.

If you want to reach me, leave a comment in one of the posts or write me to