how-to-sell-your-used-items-on-facebookFacebook is becoming a great portal through which you can sell your unwanted items. There are lot of buy/sell Facebook groups that are specific to your area/product category. For example, I’m a member of around 10 buy/sell groups. Some of which are kids related, some are furniture related, some are party related etc.

Few years ago, when I wanted to sell stuff I used Craigslist. In the last couple of years, Facebook marketplace has become quite popular that now I exclusively use it to sell used items. I’ve been selling used items for years and below are the things worked for me.

How to Find Local Facebook Groups?

Before going there, I’d suggest you have a separate Facebook account for buy/sell. Because you’ll be dealing with strangers and a separate Facebook account is better for protecting your privacy.

Here are some of the search terms that help you find relevant Facebook groups in your area.

  • “your city” buy
  • “your city” buy sell
  • “your city” buy sell trade

Here is some examples of specialized Facebook groups:

  • “your city” baby sell
  • “your city” party sell
  • “your city” jewelry sell

Posting Your Ad:

If you want to sell something, below are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Search the product in the group and understand the demand. For example, if I’m going to sell my kid’s toy, I’ll search that specific toy in the Facebook group to see if it has demand, for how much $ others are selling etc.
  • Take clear picture of your product. Make sure the product is focused well and there is nothing else that’s highlighted in the picture. If I’m selling a chair, I keep my chair in a bright, clean area and take picture.


  • If i’m selling a chair that I used in living room ,my ad title will be “Living Room Chair For Sale”
  • If I’m posting in multiple groups (which I always do), I clearly mention “cross posted” in the title. So my title would be “Living Room Chair For Sale (cross posted)” meaning, it’s posted in multiple groups
  • In the body of the ad, I clearly mention the condition of the chair and if it has any damages.
  • I have had successes posting my ads around 7/8 PM during weekdays. If I’m selling bulky items such as bedroom furniture that needs separate pickup arrangements, I post them on Friday evenings. So that people will have time to prepare for the pickup during weekend
  • If no one responded to your ad, try to reduce the $ value and try again
  • Check “filtered messages” under “Messages” in Facebook. Sometimes people send you a direct message instead of responding to your ad in the group

When you have too many people interested in your product:

  • Contact the first person who showed interest in your product and go down from there to the next in line
  • Don’t increase your $$ value just because you have more than 1 person interested
  • If someone is coming to look at the item, meet them in a public place such as store parking lot unless your product is heavy and you cannot take it in your vehicle (again, you’re most probably selling it to strangers. So, avoid sharing as much personal information as possible)
  • Don’t small talk. Once you identify the person, just show the product, exchange information related to the product, get the money and leave

ABOVE ALL, before even posting in Facebook groups, decide if it’s worth your time and effort. I don’t sell every single item that we no longer use. For example, clothing don’t sell well in buy/sell groups and I just donate all our clothes to charity. Also think if it will be useful for the person who is buying. If the condition of the item is NOT good, don’t sell it. If I can sell it only for $1 or $2, I’d rather donate it (again, decide if it’s worth your time).

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