weekly-grocery-shopping-picturesIt’s so good to be home finally from my work travel. I picked up Chuttu from daycare early today and spent my rest of the day exclusively with him. Hope your “hump day” is as good as mine 😉

As promised in the first grocery budgeting post, here is the recap of all the grocery purchases I have made from the last time I shared my budget.

A little recap: My monthly grocery budget is $400. I try to buy organic products as much as possible and try to eat healthy at home. Please check the grocery budgeting series on why I’m sharing my grocery shopping in the blog.

I had $302.24 left in my grocery budget when last week started. This past couple of weeks, I went to Indian store once, local grocery store 3 times and Costco once.

Indian store:

I completely forgot to take a picture of my shopping. All I remember is, I bought toor dal and the rest is a blur. But my budgeting tool told me I spent $21.08 in the Indian store.


1 transaction and I spent: $42.21 (top left picture). No matter how conscious I am, I always spend a little more than what I planned when shopping at Costco.

Local grocery store:

In 3 transactions, I spent: $89.27 (rest of the pictures)

Total: $302.24 – ($21.08 + $42.21 + $89.27) = $149.68 is left in the budget. I have to do some major vegetables and fruits shopping this week. Hopefully I’ll save at least $50 this month and use this leftover September money next month for my bulk purchases.

How is your grocery budget coming along this month? Do share if you have any wins.

I didn’t consider the savings I received from cashback apps in the budget. I’ve been using cashback apps for years that provide cash backs for  purchases. IBOTTA (Use this link or my referral code gjheew to earn $10), Checkout 51, and BerryCart are some of the apps I use for cash backs. They help save some money on existing purchases.

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