ibottaHow nice is it to get some cash back for your existing grocery purchases? All you need to do is download these apps in your smartphone and start getting cashbacks for your existing grocery purchases.

I’ve been using these cashback apps for years and they legitimately provide you free rebates. IBOTTA (Use this link or my referral code gjheew to earn $10), Checkout 51, and BerryCart are some of the apps I use for cash backs.

For example, so far I earned $59.25 lifetime earnings just from Ibotta. If you’re in USA, I highly recommend giving these apps a try.


All the 3 apps work alike. So I’m going to take Ibotta as an example and show you how to use it.

  • Download Ibotta app in your smartphone and when you sign up, use the referral code above for your first $10
  • After each visit to the grocery store grocery store, open the Ibotta app and select the store in which you purchased groceries {For example, if you purchased in Costco, select “Costco” before unlocking your cashbacks}
  • Go through the cashbacks listed under your store and see if they have any cashbacks for any of your purchases (most of the time they will have at least one of your purchases item listed for cashback)
  • For example, the above picture shows you can get cashback for MILK (any brand). So it doesn’t matter what brand of milk you bought, as long as it’s one gallon milk, you can get cashback for Milk purchase
  • “Unlock” the purchased products and click “verify purchase”
  • Verify meaning, scan the product you bought and upload receipt
  • You’ll receive cashback within 24 hours (I typically get within an hour)
  • As soon as you reach $25, you can redeem it for paypal or gift cards. They offer multiple options to redeem
  • It’s the same with other cashbacks apps as well

Two things to note:

  • I don’t check these cashback apps before my purchase. I don’t want them to influence my shopping in any way
  • I check these cashback apps as soon as I come home from the grocery store to not to forget to do it

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