The Finger millet/Ragi idly recipes I’ve tried are all with 100% ragi. Although they taste good, my family doesn’t want me to make them every week. This modified version tastes exactly like regular idly even though I added ragi in it.

As much as we love to eat healthy, we are not ready to compromise on the authentic taste of certain food. In our family, idly/dosa is a regular and I know we are not ready to compromise on the taste. If your family is similar to mine and you want to make a healthier version of idly/dosa, this is for you.

Below is the idly/dosa dough recipe:
Urad dal – 1 cup
Fenugreek seeds – 3/4 tablespoon
Rice – 3 cups
Ragi/Finger millet (whole) – 1 cup

Optional step: Whole Ragi prep (I might skip this step completely from next time and go with just soaking. Wanted to be well prepared this time as i’m just trying this recipe)

– Soak whole Ragi overnight
– Drain the water in the next morning
– Put the drained Ragi on the muslin cloth, tie up and let it sit till the next morning
– If possible, sprinkle water on the cloth in between
– When you open it the next day, you can find tiny sprouts coming out

– If you skip the above optional step, soak the whole Ragi overnight
– Soak rice and dal+fenugreek seeds separately for couple of hours
– Grind the dal+fenugreek seeds first until you see a fluffy dough (about 30-45 minutes grinding)
– Grind both the rice and Ragi together (make sure its not too smooth of a paste)
– Mix both the dough and let it sit overnight
– The idly/dosa dough is ready to use in the next morning
– Store the dough in the fridge

When you make idly/dosa, the look is definitely different. However, the taste is similar to regular idly. When my husband saw the idly at first, he was like “what is this?” Once he started eating, I asked him more than a couple of times about the taste. He said it tastes the same as regular idly. My toddler had no problem eating this. So, it’s a double win. Family gave me a green signal to use this recipe going forward.


– I have always used long grain rice for idly/dosa and everytime it came out well
– Fenugreek seeds help making soft idlies
– I don’t make separate dough for idly and dosa. I use the same dough for convenience.

Here is more info on Ragi/Finger millet:
Ragi, also known as finger millet, is rich in calcium and potassium. The results of a research study says that, “Of all the cereals and millets, finger millet has the highest amount of calcium (344mg%) and potassium (408mg%).1” Ragi may, among others, lower blood glucose levels and cholesterol levels.

Added on 7/31/2016:
Here is the tip I got:

You can also try 2 cups of rice, 1 cup of quinoa,1 cup of ragi and 1 cup of urad dal with fenugreek seeds as well. It tastes slightly sweet, yet yummy.

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