Now that mom went back to India, things have been quite busy over here. I cook fresh healthy meals every morning and evening (with occasional pizza nights). There is a big story behind why I cook fresh food. With little preparations such as meal planning and freezer cooking, cooking fresh meals is possible. To accommodate my everyday cooking, I bought few kitchen products that I have been using them almost everyday.

Onion Chopper:

I came across this onion chopper at Ross. As soon as I saw this, I checked reviews online and wanted to buy it right there. I knew I’d rather automate the onion chopping than cutting one by one on my cutting board.This product helps chop the onions within seconds AND it can be used to chop soft veggies (like tomatoes etc). The end product is small cut onion that can be frozen for later use.


This chopper does create considerable noise. So let the family know before using this product. One time Jeev was near me and he held me tight when he heard the thunder 🙂

Avocado Oil:

I have tried a variety of oils for cooking in the past few years. That includes vegetable oil, canola oil, sesame oil, and olive oil. I knew vegetable oil and canola oil are not healthy and I stopped using them for everyday cooking. When I came across Avocado oil a few months back, I wanted to give it a try. During a discussion, a couple of my friends highly recommended me and some of my favorite bloggers were using them as well. Additional research was also positive. It’s good for health, it will not break up to 500 degrees, and it doesn’t have a small of its own. I bought this bottle at Costco and so far I’m loving it.

Ceramic Roti Warmer:

I came across this roti warmer at the local grocery store. Considering that we eat roti every day, I wanted to try this and see if it helps store the roti fresh. I make roti in the morning and want it to hold the rotis soft when the husband is ready to eat in the afternoon. I also love its bright color as my kitchen is plain and neutral color.

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8 comments on “Kitchen Items I’m Loving Lately”

  1. Archana,

    The roti warmer is sold is Amazon as well. I have included the link in the post. It's not a machine. Just a ceramic dish that keeps the roti soft.

    Try in your local grocery store first. I paid around $10 in the grocery store. But it's expensive in Amazon.

  2. Ya ya I know its not a machine,,, besides I dont need a machine cause I am quite an expert in making rotis… I just wanted a decent dish to keep them warm and soft and loved the one I saw here…. unfortunately I havent found any in the grocery store… will try Amazon… thanks dear 🙂

  3. oh, so then perhaps I'll try searching it in some stores before I click 'buy' on Amazon!

    And about the rotis – it's just a matter of time.. you'll get there soon 😉

    Cheers Uma – happy to get in touch with you, we should connect on a personal level…

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