Biggest question most of us have in creating a budget is, “Where Should I Start?”. There are a number of budgeting tools available in both online and offline. Below are some of the tools that I’ve either used or heard good reviews.



I’m a happy customer of and have been using this tool for many years. Mint needs you to link up your bank accounts and credit cards to track the expenses.


  • Easy to set up
  • You can create goals for each of the expenses categories
  • They send alerts if you go over your set goals
  • Have apps and an online tool. So, it can be accessed from anywhere
  • Supports international bank accounts as well
  • Can be used for investment tracking as well


  • Mint is available only for United States and Canada users
  • You’re sharing your user id and password to a third party (However, I’m confident about their security)


I have not used it personally. But some of my friends like Quicken. Both mint and quicken are from the same parent company (Intuit).


  • Has both desktop and online version.
  • Available in multiple countries. For the list of countries, click here
  • Easy to set up
  • You can create goals for each of the expenses categories


  • Not easily available everywhere if you choose desktop version
There are a number of software available in the market. I’d recommend you review these personal finance software reviews.

Basic Budget Management Excel File:

This was the first budget management tool I used when I started budgeting around 10 years ago. If you’re overwhelmed with the options available in the market or want to go old school, this is an option for you.


  • No need to worry about hacking as you don’t need to enter your bank details anywhere in the tool
  • Can be shared with anyone just by sending the file over email.


  • I tried to load this file in Google drive for easy access and the calculations got messed up. Unfortunately, you need to go old school and maintain it in your personal drive
  • You need to manually enter your expenses every day. That means, the family members will have to provide your information about their expenses at the end of every day. It might not go well with some family members.

Check this link to download the budget planner. A friend of mine shared this with me 10 years ago and I have no idea who created it. This planner worked for me until I became lazy and using software to track my expenses.

You need to download the excel file and open in “Microsoft Excel”. Once opened, click “enable editing” and start tracking your expenses.

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    The radio buttons in the excel file is not working. Or may be I don’t know how to use them. Can you send me a copy of the excel sheet to my mail id.


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    You need to download the excel file and open it in “Microsoft Excel”. Once opened, click “enable editing” and start using. I’ll also send you the excel file to your email id.

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