Weekly Meal Planning – April 17, 2017

Indian weekly meal planning + weekend prep

Super late to the menu plan party for this week. My dad flew to India last week and Chuttu started daycare. A lot of things were happening that I didn’t have time to put together a menu on Thursday. Nevertheless, here I am sharing my next week menu with you:

Whole wheat pancakeRice, moong dal sambar, and carrot curryPesarattu with coconut chutneyFrozen yogurt bark (my favorite dessert lately)
Dosa waffleRoti with Chayote kootuIdly with coimbatore style kurma (this kurma is my mom's recipe. I'll share the recipe later)Chia seeds energy balls
Oatmeal breakfast cookiesRoti with eggplant kootuBaked pasta + SaladCrunchy puffed rice snack
Cereal + smoothieLemon rice, tamarind rice, and potato fryTofu masala burgercarrots with dip, fruits
PB&J with fruitsRice, yogurt gravy, and beans-lentil usiliSalsa soy casserole (I will replace soy instead of chicken and use grains instead of rice in this recipe)
Masala lentils

If you’ve been following my blog, I don’t follow a set rules on the menu plan. I change it according to our current lifestyle. This week I included Snacks in my menu planning.

Do you know why? Because I’ll be sharing my weekend-prep with you in a video if you’d like to join me. I do prepare some of the snacks during weekend to keep healthy snacks around the house all.the.time.

Below is my weekend-prep list. Would love it if you can join me as well:

  • Chia seeds energy balls
  • Puffed rice
  • Cooked toor + bengal gram dals for paruppu usili
  • Cooked lentils for snacks
  • Cooked moong dal (for sambar + instant payasam)
  • Whole wheat pancake

Below is the list of ingredients you need for the above menu: 

Instant oats
Nut butter
Chia seeds
Flax seeds
Goji berries
Whole wheat flour
Dosa dough
Moong dal
Green beans
Toor dal
Black beans
Soy chunks
Chia seeds
Puffed rice
Yogurt (for frozen yogurt bark)
Baby carrots
Dry coconut
Flax meal
Vanilla extract
Nutmeg (optional)

Once again, if you are looking for some Indian meal planning inspirations + support, check out the Indian Meal Planning Support Group in Facebook. I’ll see you around! 🙂

First YouTube Video on Weekly Meal Planning

I’ve been meaning to shoot videos on meal planning for at least a year. As an outgoing introvert (!) I’m always hesitant to throw me out in the world, be it in the blogging world or YouTube world. After so many months I got the courage to do my first video and here I am posting it on meal planning. Guess that deserve a separate post? 🙂

Healthy Dessert: Frozen Yogurt Bark

Healthy Dessert - Frozen Yogurt BarkI hope i’m not the only one who has sweet tooth and crave something sweet after every meal. It’s definitely an effort not to go overboard on sweets. So I don’t keep any just food at home and I’m always on the hunt for healthy desserts.

Recently I came across this frozen yogurt bark and in the last couple of weeks I made it twice. The first time, I finished almost all of it in one day. The second time, rest of the family joined me. Yup!

Frozen Yogurt Bark with Kiwi Fruit


  1. Vanilla yogurt (You can even use plain yogurt and mix it with Honey)
  2. Mango
  3. Walnuts
  4. Raisins


  • Simple pour the yogurt onto the baking sheet and spread evenly
  • Top it with mango, walnuts, and raisins
  • Freeze overnight
  • Break it into barks and Enjoy!

Side notes:

  • The bark can topped with any your favorite fruits and nuts
  • It required less than 5 minutes of prep time
  • It has enough sweetness from natural sources to satisfy your craving
  • Fat free yogurt works perfectly fine
  • I got box full of bark from just 1 small cup of yogurt. So even if you eat all of it, the total calories will be less
  • You can make the bark as thin/thick as possible. The freezing time varies depends on the thickness

Indian Meal Planning – 04/03/17

Indian Weekly Menu Planning

On the work front, this week has been crazy. Work life balance is suffering high, but I’m hoping to go back to normal mode starting next week. This week, I did miss couple of the menu items I planned. But it’s definitely good to have menu and all you do is pull out the recipe and start cooking.

Here is next week’s menu:

Pancake Bites (I use my whole wheat pancake recipe and make it using paniyaram pan)Roti with Channa Masalaven pongal witu sambar (I'll be making it with my instant pot)
Egg SandwichRoti with Ridge gourd kootuBaked pasta
Peanut butter chocolate chips muffinRoti with Cauliflower KormaVeggie burger (going to use pre-made burger patties)
Scrambled egg muffin (will omit the meat and make it all vegetarian)Jeera Pulav with Mirchi Ka SalanPasta veggie soup (going to clean the freezer and will use leftover veggies
CerealRoti with spinach dalIdly with coriander chutney

I included store-bought burger patties for veggie burger in the menu for next week. If you’re following my menu planning and using it for your household, I’d love to hear from you if you want to see store-bought items in the menu as well. Let me know.

whole wheat flour
baking soda
baking powder
brown sugar
Vanilla essense
Chocolate chips
Peanut butter
cheddar cheese
bell pepper
Cereal of your choice
Garbanzo beans
Bay leaf
Carom seeds
Garam masala
Ridge gourd
Moong dal
Grated coconut
Cashew nuts
Ginger garlic paste
long and think green chillis
Sesame seeds
Coriander leaves
leftover veggies

Here is a Facebook support group for Indian weekly menu planning. This group is a great place for sharing cooking pictures, menu , and recipe suggestions.

Child Planning Checklist

As much as baby brings joy to the family, baby also adds major set of responsibilities for parents. Whether you’re thinking of planning for a family or currently pregnant, a little preparation for the upcoming Bundle of Joy helps you better prepared for your baby’s future.

Doctor Checkup:

Before planning for a baby, do your annual checkup (if you haven’t done one in the last 12 months), take that multivitamin, and workout. If you have any issues such as thyroid, PCOD etc, it’s time to address them. Reg multivitamins, I was told by the doctor to take prenatal vitamin at least 3-4 months before we start planning.

Insurance Needs: 

Health Insurance:

Does your employer offer health insurance? If not, search for the one that fits your upcoming needs. If your employer offers one, check your current enrolled plan to see if it fits your needs. For us, HSA was a little expensive than the PPO plan. My pregnancy was better covered under the PPO plan and we didn’t pay much other than the deductible for our second delivery. Even though we paid high premium, considering the delivery cost and doctor visits after delivery, PPO plan worked for us. For our son (my first delivery), we were under HSA plan. Comparing both the plans, PPO was a better plan for my pregnancy.

Life insurance:

Life Insurance itself needs a separate discussion. In summary, if you don’t have life insurance already, make sure to have term life insurance (why “term life insurance” is another big topic) to cover the baby needs until he/she becomes independent. I’m talking about 20-25 years term life insurance here.

Plan a Trip:

My husband is a big travel bug. We traveled quite a lot until our son was born. Even though it didn’t stop us from taking trips, the trips are shorter and planned completely around the baby for the first few months.

We took our baby moon trip to New Orleans just few weeks before my delivery. We are so glad we took it. Take that baby moon and travel as much as possible before delivery (if you health permits). Life takes a 180 degree turn after the baby is born.


I’m not kidding when I say some good daycares have long wait-lists. One childcare I know, had 2.5 years wait-list. Research the area you live and understand the available childcare options. Even if you don’t need to register right away, it’s good to have it in your list.

Baby Furniture:

If you are having a girl, get a full size ladies dresser. If you having a boy, get a man’s chest of drawers. If you do not know if it will be a boy or a girl, wait until the baby is born. By doing this, you eliminate the need to buy baby dressers etc. which will become useless after a few years. If you start off with full size furniture, it will be useful for many years to come.

Baby Freebies:

Here is a full list of baby freebies available for expecting moms. Babies add additional expenses. So, don’t forget to take advantage of these freebies.

Baby Essential Checklist: 

There are millions baby essential checklists available in Pinterest. Buy only the essentials until the baby is born. I got checklist from multiple sources and started putting together one of my own when I was 3 months pregnant. In the next 6 months, I tweaked it so many times and bought only the essentials.

For first time parents, until the baby is born you might not be able to predict the exact things your baby needs. Let me tell you, each baby is different. For example, my son hates the crib and my daughter loves it.

Education Plan:

If you are planning to contribute to your kids education plan, explore the options available in your country. 529 is an education savings plan in US. Here is more on how to choose a 529 for your kids. You can start investing in 529 plan in your baby’s name after he/she is born.

If you planned anything else other than what’s in the list, do let me know. I’d love to add them here.

Choosing the Pediatrician:

Start interviewing pediatricians as soon as you can; there are a LOT of well baby checkups and vaccinations the first year. If you can, talk to all of the doctors and nurse practitioners in the practice since your pediatrician won’t always be available in an emergency.


Post-Delivery Freebies from the Hospital