Four Important Lessons I Learned From Our Married Life


We celebrated our 8 years wedding anniversary this week. It was a low-key celebration and as usual Hubby surprised me this time as well. I’m the boring one when it comes to gifts, I guess 🙂

Initial years are crucial in any relationship and like every marriage, we invested a lot of time and effort and by GOD’s grace, will be putting more effort to create a wonderful life together.

A lot of things contribute to a better marriage and each of us might have our own set of things we learned from our married life. And, below are some important lessons I learned over time:

Never Argue Over Extended Family:

Knowingly or unknowingly, we both decided not to argue over relatives even in the initial years. Be it his side or my side, we don’t argue who is right and who is not. It typically is more of a discussion and we try to stay in the middle ground and assess the issue, if at all there is any.

If I’m upset with my family, he would be the first and mostly the only one to know. I don’t try to hide it from him it just because it’s about my family.

Being transparent really helped in our marriage. We started becoming more open to each other and talk about anything and everything under the sun. And did I say, my husband is my BEST friend?

A Little ‘ME” Time and Couple Time:

In the initial years, we go everywhere as a couple. Now, we encourage each other to spend some “me” time outside of the family. Be it going to movies with friends or visiting a friend for a coffee, it doesn’t have to be a family event. I think every relationship needs these tiny, little breaks. When my husband travels for work, I’d tell him that I’m going to enjoy this alone time without a lot of cooking and cleaning. I might be watching my favorite movie or sleep early right after our little buddy sleeps. No “miss you hubby” here 🙂

It was the first time my husband stayed without me in the house when I went for work travel last month. I told him to enjoy this alone time which I think he did.

Now let’s talk about couple time: I even listed it as my monthly goal. Once having kids, unless there is some help, it’s hard to do date nights. So, we are trying lunch dates instead. We try to meet for lunch one of the working days when the kid is at daycare. Even then, we mostly talk about our son. But at least we talk a little about other stuff as well.

What Is Important To Your Spouse?

Each person has a set of things they cannot compromise. For example, clean house and good food are absolute essential for my husband. When we got married, I didn’t even know the basics of cooking. Over time, I understood these 2 are important to him and when he gets both of these, he will be one happy guy around.

Now let me tell you, my husband helps me with the cleaning. We share household work and it’s just that he doesn’t know cooking and doesn’t enjoy it. But he contributes in other areas. Do you know I have never done laundry once in these 8 years? He is our laundry guy 😉

Open Discussions:

I believe it’s the basic for any relationship. Have a frank discussion with your spouse if you’re upset about something. There is no hiding over here. If you don’t know me personally, I LOVE to talk and my MR is more of a listener. Initially, it was hard to get words out of his mouth when we had discussions. Over time, he understood I’d rather talk through the issues and solve them right away than keep them at the back of my mind and quote at a later point in life.

That said, I’m sure I’ll be learning lot more lessons in the coming years. What are some of the lessons you learned in your married life (if you’re married)?

Menu Planning From Pantry, Fridge, And Freezer


This week, it is going to be a completely different kind of menu planning. The goal is to empty the fridge, freezer and pantry and cook from whatever I have in them. One good thing is I have some vegetables that cut and stored in the freezer. So we won’t be just eating rice and beans. For the rest, I’m going to wear my creative hat and cook something that the family can eat without too much fuss.

I don’t have menu planned for this week. We had some weekend travel to my friend’s place and just got back home this evening. I’m exhausted and going to take it light this coming week.

Have you tried cooking from the freezer and pantry before? It helps you empty some of the stuff you already have without letting it expire. I’m roaming around with a big belly and I know my family (read: husband) will eat whatever I cook 🙂 Making my son eat something is an everyday battle here.

I do it every couple of months to empty my stock and by the time the week ends, I created some really good and not-so-good recipes during the weeks. Ha!

Also Ladies, the next two weeks are crazaaay weeks for the family. We have lots going on and I’m going to focus on those and I don’t think I’ll be posting any menu planning until end of October. Would appreciate if you can include us in your prayers!

You all have a wonderful week ahead!

Guilt Free Healthy Snack Options

guilt-free-healthy-snack-optionsThe one area where we always struggle to eat healthy is Snacks. I had a hard time eating anything during the first 4 months of my pregnancy. So, anything I was able to eat went into my tummy. That included lot of packaged and processed foods. I also got used to the habit of getting something from the vending machine. eeeeek!

Anyways ladies, here are some of the snacks we are enjoying in the house. These are healthy snacks that you can enjoy without too much guilty. These are either easy to make or available in the market that our whole family loves.

Apple Straws:

One day we were on the way to the local carnival only to realize we didn’t have any cash with us. So did a quick stop at 7-11 and when checking for some healthy snack options in there, I came across this Apple Straws. The whole bag is only 130 calories and it only has 2g of sugar. How nice is that?

healthy-snacks-1Frozen Pomegranate:

I’m not a fan of frozen snacks except this frozen pomegranate. It’s really good when you want something for your sweet tooth.

healthy-snacks-3Granola and Yogurt:

I have not found any flavored yogurt in the market with less than 10g of sugar. But Hubby loves flavored yogurt and we always have some at home. If nothing else is worth snacking, I’d go with yogurt and granola.

healthy-snacks-6Kulfi, Yo Kulfi:

Came across this Kulfi at Costco. Since then it became our family favorite. My Hubby calls me Kulfi queen because I eat more than I should be eating in a day. 🙂

The best thing is, it’s only 80 calories and 7g of sugar. It tastes as good as Kulfi we get in the homeland.


Cut Fruits, Dry Fruits, and Almonds:

Stock your favorite fruits and snack on them whenever you are hungry or craving something. I stopped keeping fruits in the fridge and rather keep them outside where I can see it often. It really works guys.


Sweet Potato:

If you’re not really hungry and want something light, sweet potato with yogurt dip works best. I just cook sweet potato, season it with salt and pepper, and add some dip on top of it.

healthy-snacks-5Another option is sweet potato breakfast bowl. It’s not a complete snack. But I love it so much that I eat leftovers for snacks 🙂

healthy-snacks-8We stopped checking the weighing scale or stopped eating fat-free/low-fat foods at home. We consume a lot of ghee and good fat food over here and let me tell you, they don’t make you put on weight.

Hope these snaps are interesting and helpful.



How To Sell Your Used Items On Facebook?

how-to-sell-your-used-items-on-facebookFacebook is becoming a great portal through which you can sell your unwanted items. There are lot of buy/sell Facebook groups that are specific to your area/product category. For example, I’m a member of around 10 buy/sell groups. Some of which are kids related, some are furniture related, some are party related etc.

Few years ago, when I wanted to sell stuff I used Craigslist. In the last couple of years, Facebook marketplace has become quite popular that now I exclusively use it to sell used items. I’ve been selling used items for years and below are the things worked for me.

How to find local Facebook groups?

Before going there, I’d suggest you have a separate Facebook account for buy/sell. Because you’ll be dealing with strangers and a separate Facebook account is better for protecting your privacy.

Here are some of the search terms that help you find relevant Facebook groups in your area.

  • “your city” buy
  • “your city” buy sell
  • “your city” buy sell trade

Here is some examples of specialized Facebook groups:

  • “your city” baby sell
  • “your city” party sell
  • “your city” jewelry sell

Posting Your Ad:

If you want to sell something, below are the things you need to keep in mind:

  • Search the product in the group and understand the demand. For example, if I’m going to sell my kid’s toy, I’ll search that specific toy in the Facebook group to see if it has demand, for how much $ others are selling etc.
  • Take clear picture of your product. Make sure the product is focused well and there is nothing else that’s highlighted in the picture. If I’m selling a chair, I keep my chair in a bright, clean area and take picture.


  • If i’m selling a chair that I used in living room ,my ad title will be “Living Room Chair For Sale”
  • If I’m posting in multiple groups (which I always do), I clearly mention “cross posted” in the title. So my title would be “Living Room Chair For Sale (cross posted)” meaning, it’s posted in multiple groups
  • In the body of the ad, I clearly mention the condition of the chair and if it has any damages.
  • I have had successes posting my ads around 7/8 PM during weekdays. If I’m selling bulky items such as bedroom furniture that needs separate pickup arrangements, I post them on Friday evenings. So that people will have time to prepare for the pickup during weekend
  • If no one responded to your ad, try to reduce the $ value and try again
  • Check “filtered messages” under “Messages” in Facebook. Sometimes people send you a direct message instead of responding to your ad in the group

When you have too many people interested in your product:

  • Contact the first person who showed interest in your product and go down from there to the next in line
  • Don’t increase your $$ value just because you have more than 1 person interested
  • If someone is coming to look at the item, meet them in a public place such as store parking lot unless your product is heavy and you cannot take it in your vehicle (again, you’re most probably selling it to strangers. So, avoid sharing as much personal information as possible)
  • Don’t small talk. Once you identify the person, just show the product, exchange information related to the product, get the money and leave

ABOVE ALL, before even posting in Facebook groups, decide if it’s worth your time and effort. I don’t sell every single item that we no longer use. For example, clothing don’t sell well in buy/sell groups and I just donate all our clothes to charity. Also think if it will be useful for the person who is buying. If the condition of the item is NOT good, don’t sell it. If I can sell it only for $1 or $2, I’d rather donate it (again, decide if it’s worth your time).

Menu Planning This Week And Sick Kiddo At Home


Chuttu woke up with runny nose and cough this morning. Unfortunately, his temperature has gone up from the morning and he is sick now. Finally sleeping now after taking Tylenol. Hopefully he will get a good night sleep and wake up feeling better tomorrow morning.

Make ahead meal planning for this week:

I’m going to skip the make ahead meal planning this week and give my complete 100% to the kiddo. You all have a good weekend!

Here is this week’s menu plan:


  • Peanut butter oatmeal X 2
  • Sweet potato cassarole
  • Cereal
  • Scrambled eggs
  • PB&J
  • Whole wheat flaxmeal pancake


  • Roti with paneer butter masala
  • Rice, sambar and potato curry
  • Rice, yogurt gravy, and beans lentil usili
  • Roti with Chayote squash kootu
  • Lemon rice, coconut rice, and curd rice with carrot curry
  • Out
  • Rice, sambar and vegetable curry


  • Baked pasta
  • Pongal with coconut chutney
  • Dosa with tomato curry
  • Homemade pizza
  • Adai with aviyal
  • Out
  • Out